The World Quarterpipe Championships — 2021 & 2022 Photo Recaps


A Quarterpipe session is a favorable occasion for riders to showcase their style, skill, and trick selection. An opportunity for amplitude and artistry. It is also a favorable occasion for photographers. We were lucky to have some of the best snowboard photographers attend the last two World Quarters. Here are some highlights from 2021 and 2022. We look forward to what they will capture this year. 

Raibu 2023 // p: Mike Dawsy

Windam Miller 2022 // P: Mike Dawsy
Pat Moore 2023 // p: Andrew Miller
Queralt Castellet 2023 // p: Andrew Miller

Cody Warble 2022 // p: Andrew Miller

Squad hang // p: Andrew Miller

Raibu Katayama 2023 // p: Andrew Miller

Sidelines of friends // p: Danny Kern

Yuki Kadono 2022 // p: Danny Kern

Raibu Katayama 2022 // p: Danny Kern

Jared Elston 2021 // p: Mike Dawsy

Sam Taxwood 2021 // p: Mike Dawsy

Jamie Anderson 2021 // p: Mike Dawsy