The World Quarterpipe Championships — 2021 & 2022 Video Recaps

For the past two years, The World Quarterpipe Champions have been filled with 20+ foot airs, bone-chilling slams, world-class heckling, and everything else you've come to expect from an end-of-season event. We've invited some of the best and most entertaining riders from around the world to session a staple feature of snowboarding, a perfect QP. In 2021, we were welcomed by Palisades in Tahoe where Brandon Davis and Hailey Langland took the World Quarters crowns. In 2022, we brought the event to Mammoth Mountain. Raibu Katayama and Queralt Castellet walked away with the $5K checks.

The memories were captured and video recaps were made. To get a sense of what to expect this year at Mammoth Mountain, watch the edits here! If you missed it in years past, be sure to not make the same mistake in 2023!