If you had the opportunity to witness the action at the 2024 Uninvited Invitational Presented by The North Face, you're probably still buzzing with excitement. April 11-13, this female-focused contest took place at Woodward Park City, where over 70 of the best and up-and-coming riders from around the globe competed for a $55K prize purse and a chance to etch their names in the history books of snowboarding. - Words by Melissa Riitanno
Many of us grew up seeing only one or two other girls or people who looked like us snowboarding in our hometowns or at contests. To see over 70 is nothing short of mind-blowing. It’s hard not to get emotional at this event, witnessing the support among all the riders and realizing how far we have come. Jess Kimura has been responsible for blasting a hole through the metaphorical building to elevate female and non-binary snowboarding. She has provided a platform, first in a video format and now in this contest. One of Jess’s greatest joys comes from creating these spaces and seeing others thrive and live up to their full potential. These platforms make a difference now and will echo into future generations.
70+ rider and the creators // p: Mary Walsh
Last year’s Uninvited Invitational was a landmark event, not just for the roster but also for the unbelievably creative and proper course (something that had been rare for women’s specific events). The expectations for this year's build were high, and the team led by head builder Ben Bilocq did not disappoint. Ben and the Woodward Park City staff worked tirelessly fabricating, welding, and shaping this custom dream setup. Rumor has it that Ben camped out in the North Face tent at the top of the course throughout the entire build to ensure everything was perfect.
Showing us for the 2nd year this is what happens when you support women //p: Mary Walsh
Days one and two were the qualifying days that allowed the riders to get comfortable with the course. Some quickly familiarized themselves with the setup and came out swinging on day one. These girls earned the stand-out awards for their efforts.
Day 1 Highlights:
 -Nora Beck topped the list, effortlessly executing front and back 270s on the kink and mastering the rest of the course.
 - Ellie Weiler stood out with a massive front blunt 270 off the top of the wall and a backside rodeo on the hip.
- Jess Perlmutter, no one knew who this 14-year-old phenom from Jersey was before this contest, but she quickly became one of our favorites to watch.
Annika Morgan had big airs, big style, and big tricks. All eyes were on her when she dropped in.
On day two, things heated up and got serious. There were only 35 spots in the final, and these girls were hungry to secure their seats. Four of these girls clearly earned their place, leading them to be the standouts for day two.
Day 2 Highlights:
 -Sophia Schroll “Klaus” laid down some of the most unique tricks of the day, including a switch front board same way 270 on the clack rail.
 -Naima Antolin opened up two new gaps on the course and did a frontside invert on the cage.
 - Novalie Engholm was going to the stratosphere with her airs on the hips and smooth style.
 - Taylor Elliott has been battling multiple sclerosis (MS), and last summer, she faced the uncertainty of whether she could ever snowboard again. Defying the odds, not only did Taylor ride, but she also did a perfect hand plant towards the top of the cage on her second try—an impressive feat that no other rider managed to accomplish during the entire three-day event. Her riding was a powerful testament to her resilience and indomitable spirit.
The air was electric on the morning of the finals! Energy surged among the spectators and riders alike, each aware of the potential for life-changing opportunities that could lay ahead. You might expect the vibe to be cutthroat with so much at stake, but the reality was different. Instead of rivalry, there was camaraderie. Every time a big trick went down, the girls would cheer each other on. While this was a contest with very real prizes, the even bigger prize is the impact all this collective riding is making on snowboarding as a whole. 
The competition was fierce, and truthfully, at least ten other riders could have claimed the top honors. The high level of talent meant that even minor details were critical in deciding the winners. It's a testament to how far the sport has progressed — we're now at a point where every nuance matters. Without further ado, here are the 2024 Uninvited Invitational Presented by The North Face winners!
p: Krista Holden
First: Telma Särkipaju 
Second: Iris Pham
Third: Jess Perlmutter
Fourth: Grace Warner 
Fifth: Livia Tannò

Best Air - Emma Crosby 
Best Bail - Jaylin Hanson
Best Style - Momo Fujikawa
Best Trick - Anika Morgan
Unleash The Beast - Nora Beck
Most Heart - Madison Blackley
One To Watch - Jubes Pelchat
Most Creative - Naima Antolin
Subaru Rookie 1 - Jess Perlmutter
Subaru Rookie 2 - Ellie Weiler
Baldface Trip - Novalie Engholm
As we all head back to our respective countries and states, our hearts are overflowing with the joy of new friendships and the shared passion for snowboarding. The level of riding was nothing short of remarkable, showcasing incredible style, tricks, and consistency. To all the riders who poured their hearts out and didn’t make the finals or the podium, we see you! Thank you for bringing your unique spirits; snowboarding is richer because of each of you. You all belong here! Everyone who strapped in should be incredibly proud. A special thanks to Jess Kimura for her relentless efforts and to everyone behind the scenes, including Nirvana Ortanez, Abby Furrer, Luke Giacopelli, Dan Tyler, Rory Bruder, Marea Adams, Karla Ann, all of the course builders, and so many more for making this all happen. Together, you are turning dreams into reality.

The 2024 Uninvited Invitational Presented by The North Face wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of the following brands:
 The North Face, Woodward Park City, Monster Energy, Yeti, Subaru USA, Union Bindings, Capita Snowboards, Skullcandy, Nidecker Snowboards, Baldface Lodge, Coal,, Fat Tire, & Slush The Magazine