2021 Slush Awards Full Length Film of the Year—Vans "EVERGREEN."


The 2021 Slush Awards are presented by 
10 BarrelIkon PassGoPro, and Liquid Death.

There’s been a world of fanfare around EVERGREEN. of late, rightfully so. The latest from Vans checks all the boxes: riding that’s creative, technical and gnarly, wonderfully filmed and edited, backed by a thoughtful and cohesive soundtrack, all built around a crew that is clearly clicking. A crew that includes a 2021 MVVP winner in Cole Navin, and numerous Rider of the Year nominees and 2020 cover subjects. This crew’s a paragon of the creative magic that’s attainable when visions align, and they are on a hot streak.

Edit: Tanner Pendleton
Filmed by: Tanner Pendleton, Harry Hagan, Hayden Rensch, and Jake Price.