2021 Slush Awards—Men's Most Valuable Video Part Nominees


The 2021 Slush Awards are presented by 10 BarrelIkon PassGoPro, and Liquid Death.

The Most Valuable Video Player award is an update to the classic Video Part category, and is a reflection of those riders whose on screen performances, be it in a three minute section, as the protagonist of a 30 minute biopic, or even as a key contributor to an ensemble, warrant elevated recognition.

Cole Navin

If Jibber of the Year was a standalone Slush Awards category, then Cole Navin would take the title. It is a rare few pros who predominantly film in the streets and transcend partisan disciplines to garner appreciation from contest kids, freeriders, and fellow urbanites alike. Cole is that rare rider whose skills, spots, style and gnarliness are universally appreciated. His ender in Vans “Evergreen” is well deserved, as is this MVVP of the Year nomination culled from the sentiments of his fellow pros.

Sage Kotsenburg

Watching “Halcyon,” one might think that Sage Kotsenberg spent the winter of 2020 trying to ride as much powder as possible, with auteur Tyler Orton merely chasing him around all season with a 16mm camera. But that assessment would discount the insanity that took place between the takeoffs and landings of the biggest backcountry features captured on film last year. There are simply too many tricks in “Halcyon” worth rewinding, including a back seven Japan rewind set down on a famed Jackson Hole booter, which could lead to a rewind of last year with Sage as a repeat MVVP winner.

Arthur Longo

In light of the pandemic, Slush allowed mail-in voting for the 2021 awards, but it’s purely coincidental that a sender like Arthur Longo garnered so many MVVP votes. From his inbounds “SHE 3” exploits to the sidecountry sickness on display in Vans’ “Evergreen,” Longo has continued his streak as your favorite rider’s, favorite rider.