From Arbor's Desk:
On the frozen tow-ropes of Minnesota, they gave him the nickname “The Secret Agent”. His unassuming style and calm demeanor better portray the badge as you digest the havoc that Mike insights on any rail, anywhere. What is truly secret is that calculation and bodily awareness that exists in a single sentient being that can only be seen when they are faced with what the rest of the world would deem an undoable feat. Mike Liddle steps to arguably snowboarding’s most challenging discipline with a lengthy resume and undaunted courage that seems to always get him to the end of the rail. Have a look for yourself. Check out Mike Liddle snowboarding in the streets on the Arbor Draft Snowboard and Hemlock Bindings in “A Liddle More”


Film by Chris "Murph" Duncan
Photo by Tanner Chergosky

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