|   Katie Kennedy

Dustin Lalik

When I look back at last winter, there were so many memorable and incredible days spent on my snowboard; however, there is no denying that the highlight for me was Women's Week at Baldface. The all-inclusive lodge nestled in the Selkirk Mountains is truly a magical place. A ten-minute helicopter ride from Nelson, and you are dropped off in a snowboarder's oasis. Thirty-two thousand acres of snowcat boarding. Open bowls, steep chutes, untouched terrain as far as the eye can see. The pursuit of powder is seamlessly blended with exceptional hospitality and top-notch amenities. The food, the lodge, the staff, the guides – it's like, how does this place exist?!


I don't know the exact statistics, but snowboarding has been male-dominated. I have been on a few cat snowboarding trips, and the ratio is usually about three girls to ten guys, which I only really considered once I found myself at Women's Week, where the ratio was one hundred percent women. The lodge was usually bustling with bearded men and was now overtaken by boss ladies. Pow turns, laughing, dancing - everything was shared. Each woman came from a different background and had a unique story, but we all had one thing in common: our love for snowboarding. A special friendship is forged when you spend five days in a secluded lodge, riding the best snow.

Jeff and Paula Pensiero know how important having a women's-specific week at Baldface is. It is undeniable that riding in co-ed settings is intimidating. I saw the ladies empowered and confident simply because only women were there. At the end of each day, we shared stories of our best runs, funniest falls, and plans for what we wanted to do the next day. It was a safe space to express ourselves, ask questions, and take risks. Seeing other women succeed and push the limits is a powerful motivator. And the fresh snow that fell during the week was also a motivator. We were also motivated to connect, share experiences, and build friendships. The most impactful experiences shared were the four women there with B4BC - breast cancer survivors. B4BC raises money to send them on this trip. It allows them to celebrate, appreciate, and enjoy life after all the struggles that come with cancer diagnosis.

Not to beat a dead horse – but weeks like this matter so much, and we need more of them until the ratio in the cat is 50/50. Thanks to Jeff, Paula, and the Baldface team for hosting an unforgettable experience. And to Mizu, the presenting sponsor of Women's Week.

Mizu has been working with Jeff & Baldface since 2012. In each room, you will be greeted with a customized water bottle—something you take home with you. Mizu helped Jeff on his mission to reduce plastic use at the lodge and have less trash. Sustainability is essential, especially when you are out in the outdoors. Thanks to Mizu & Jeff for working together to make the earth cleaner and supporting events like Women's Week.

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