Boardslide Worldwide—Powder Surfer


Max Tokunaga snags Austen Sweetin and Sean Lucey on their way to the coast for a little Q&A on the latest from Boardslide Worldwide.


What’s up with the new video?
Austen: New video was a real treat. We met up with Alex Yoder and Bryan Fox, and spent three days rippin’ powder. The avy danger was pretty high. We were kinda livin’ in a snow globe, so we decided to hit Teton Pass and do some good old-fashioned road laps.

Sean: Just a good move to do when the avy danger is high, keep it low angle. The best low angle boarding tool is the pow surfer.

Austen: The beauty is if you live somewhere where it snows and there’s a little hill, you can go pow surfing, which is pretty cool.

Did anyone do a kick flip?
Austen: No kick flips were done in the making of this video.

Did anyone do a grab?
Austen: No one grabbed, but Bryan Fox hit a mini El Toro.

He hit a rail?
Austen: No, but pillows were hit.

Sean: It was the El Toro of pillows, He ollied it.

Did Yoder hit it too?
Austen: Dude, Alex Yoder has one of the best toe-side turns in snowboarding… and on the surf.

Sean: Alex Yoder is a surfer.

Alex Yoder is an artist.
Austen: He also kept us fueled up the whole time with Overview Coffee, which was very cool. We love coffee. Coffee keeps us fired up!

Shout out to those beans.
Austen: You need the beans, dude. You gotta wake up in the morning, you gotta grind the bean, you gotta brew it, you gotta sip it, you gotta get fueled up, and you gotta go do whatever it is you gotta do, preferably riding a board.

How many cups on a pow surf day?
Austen: At least three.

Sean: Definite afternoon cup on a pow surf day. Go to Persephone in Jackson Hole, twice.

You said something earlier about the Japanese pow surf culture…
Austen: So in Japan, they prefer snowshoes because you can go straight up the mountain, tracking out less powder than when you split board and you zig zag across the whole mountain and you’re kind of just taking up the powder for no reason.

Sean: Some people are anti-splitboard and they prefer to hike straight up the mountain. That’s what Austen did the one day we all splitboarded. He just vented up like a true Niseko loc-dog.

Austen: I would like to thank Wolle (Nyvelt) for the very dope Aesmo.

Is there a future for pow surfing at Lib Tech?
Sean: Supposedly they’re making one. We’ve seen the prototypes and they look sick! It’s like the surfboard construction, but a pow surfer.

Where you guys at now?
Sean: Glacier, WA. It has warmed up at Mt. Baker, so now we are going real surfing somewhere on the coast.

Rock out on the coast homies!