Burton Mystery Series Tour - Big Snow American Dream


With winter winding down quickly on the eastern seaboard, there was no mystery where the Burton Mystery Series tour was going to end up.  While most resorts out west were still taking storms to the head, we took this stop straight to the dome.  The weather at Big Snow was a balmy 29 degrees, with groomed conditions, but there was a strong El Niño flow coming through in the form of young Burton rider LJ Henriquez. He started the banked slalom race off, pumping every bump down the course to get through as fast as he could. 

LJ was flowing through the dome, fs bs through the kinkThe course was running smooth, wedged in between Big Snow’s main groomer run and their jib course.  It was an 8 turn course - probably more turns than one might normally get on Big Snow’s slope. 

It was truly a game for those who know how to gain as much speed as possible. Luke Winkelmann and Zeb Powell made some quick work on the jib setup, forming trains with the rest of the big snow locals in tow.  Boxes, rainbow rails, and the rails that we familiarized ourselves with from game of snow were taking beat downs throughout the day. 


At the end of the two runs through the banks, the scores were settled. Noah Avallone was the fastest for the men’s open division and Marisa Mckellar took it for the women.  We should also give a major shout out to Elizabeth Niotis, who made it to almost every single US stop of the tour, ending up on the podium for each one!  This awarded her the Fat Tire Boundary Pusher award, as well as third place for the day.  After the dust on the podiums settled, everyone else won as they all got autographs and pictures with Zeb.  Another classically awesome day at the American Dream Mall.  Make sure you get over there throughout the summer!


Shout to everyone who came out for the final event at Big SNOW American Dream, and everyone else who made it to any of the other tour stops.  Big thanks to Burton, Fat Tire, Red Bull, Chill Foundation, and all the resort partners as well!


We’ll see ya next winter!