Burton Mystery Series Tour — Ruby Hill


On Saturday, February 11th, the Mystery Series Tour made its way to Denver, Colorado. This tour stop is different than most other events in ColoradoInstead of making your way up I-70 to one of the many resort-owned peaks in the rockies, this stop landed at Ruby Hill. Ruby Hill is a public park that sits smack dab in the middle of the city. On this particular day, it was classic Denver weather. Sunny, about 60 degrees, and high-flying energy circling the air. Ruby Hill holds a patch of snow with a maintained public terrain park available for anyone to ride, as long as the snow lasts. It’s incredible - and a model that most high elevation cities should definitely be copying.


The Mystery Series brought people out in the hundreds. Alex Caccamo’s energy on the mic kicked the day off strong, as the race slots quickly filled up well over capacity. Everyone had two chances to get through the course and pick up their fastest time. The course was a nice, mellow, 3-turn run that not only allowed all abilities; but it made it so the veteran racers had no room for error. Every little pump and bump was needed if you wanted to outshine people like Burton Rider Mark Sollors, or local rippers like Jackson Fowler.

After you got done with your runs through the course, or just wanted to ride instead of wait in line, it was time for the jib setup. Nothing fancy needed when you get to ride in the middle of a sunny city park. But clean rails and boxes courtesy of Winter Park were there to keep people jibbin’. And naturally, the backside of one of the banked turns made for a perfect hip.

At the end of the day, it was clear that everyone solved the mystery—COMMUNITY! The Chill Foundation squad showed up in full force, with the riders leveling up big time on the jibs. Prizes were given, Red Bulls and Fat Tires were chugged, and I didn’t see a single mouth that wasn't fixed into a smile. Can’t get much better than that.