10 Questions With Dillon Henricksen




What is Buster?

It came from me, Denver, Dusty and Lolo just trying to figure out a dope name for the video and then either Denver or Dusty just said Buster and we were all like, that’s a dope name, let’s just call it Buster. I don’t know, we just stuck with that through the whole thing.


Who is the one person on the crew everyone is always waiting for?

 Me haha. Definitely me.

Dillon with a front lip from Buster | Photo: Arttu Heikkinen


Who rolls the dirtiest spliffs in the crew?

 Our filmer Cal.


What’s the ratio?

Probably like 70/30. Not too dirty but definitely the dirtiest.

Is ATV the most overused term in snowboarding? Maybe. Does it apply to Dillon? Absolutely. | Photo: Shaina Joel

What was your favorite thing you saw go down this year?

Denver did a bs nosepress on a down flat down that was so insanely dope it blew my mind.


Who has the most spots in their spot folder?

Cal or Denver

A classic Dawsey guy in the sky photo | Photo: Mike Dawsey 

Who would win in a fight, you or Dusty? 



You or Lolo?


Filming with family. | Photo: Mike Dawesy

You or Denver?

Is it a cuddle fight?


Filming with family, stressful or dope?

Stressful and dope. Stressful during and dope as fuck afterward.