While a majority of younger riders gravitate to the streets, Blake Moller & Keegan Hosefros, took backcountry filming head-on. With experienced filmer, Brendon Hupp behind the lens, BMO & Keegs went off-grid to make CAMP ROBBERS: 12+ minutes of "letting the birds fly" - freedom, fun, and a little bit of troublemaking. These self-motivated riders traveled across the States, chasing snow, building massive jumps, dropping big lines, breaking sleds, and learning all the wagers and returns on making a backcountry video. A little Q&A standoff with the leading protagonists was necessary: 

Where do you live? Where are you from?
BMO: I live in Salt Lake, and I’m from Edwards, Colorado
KEEGAN: Currently living in Truckee, California. I'm from Waterbury, Vermont.

Tell us about your first introduction in the backcountry. This season and in general? 
K: My first experience riding backcountry was taking a one-up at Sugarbowl to Hike around ASI and the Train Tunnels on Donner Summit. I think I was 17. Something clicked, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Growing up in Vermont, I watched many pros coming out of the East Coast. It was pretty inspiring to see as a grom. I’m talking about Jake Blauvelt and Riley Nickerson. Being from the East Coast and moving out to the West Coast, it was insane to be surrounded by real mountains and snowboard parks. I think real snowboarding is all about riding your board and letting gravity do the work. Nothing gets me more fired up than getting into the mountains and letting the mountains dictate your approach.
B: Our first mission in the cunch this season was to the Uintas and the first 5 minutes out, Keegan broke his board and board rack so I was the only one who could ride that day and we were doubling Hupp out at this point. And the background for me is my family. They all ski and ski big mountains so I would follow them around.

How long have you known each other? 
B: I’ve known Keegs for a good little bit now just through growing up boarding, but I connected with him when we moved here and were shredding pow at Brighton.
K: I've known Blake for 5 or 6 years. We started kicking it when we both moved to SLC in 2020. We would always shoot the shit at his house. (The Swarming Lokus At the time) Goop, Miles, Benny, and Blake all lived in the Lokus. Too many 2K Games and Manuel Diaz parts. A lot of good ideas came out of that place. RIP Swarming LOKUS.

What did you learn from making a backcountry video? 
B: I think just patience and realizing that it’s all good at the end of the day. And nothing really matters at the end of the day, as long as you're vibing and the crew is hyped everything will work out. 
K: It's not easy to make a backcountry video, but It wouldn't be fun if it were easy. Keeping your head down and grinding does pay off.

Some of the best laughs happen while snowboarding. Tell us about a funny experience this past season. 

K: On the first day of sledding with Hupp and Blake, I broke my snowboard snowmobiling and ran over my snowmobile helmet.
B: The funniest thing I remember is Bjorn Leines being bummed that we were at blood lake zone. He was asking me how long I’d been in Salt Lake and told me how long he’d been coming here. We were kinda chirping back and forth then at the end of the conversation I said “Well cool man, good to meet you and maybe see you around.” He responds with “Hopefully not.” And rips the sled out of there faster than we could react. And all we’re just laughing hysterically. 
What is the best thing about Hupp? 
K: Definitely his laugh, but Hupp can adapt to any situation. He's an AK boarder and absolute wizard behind the Camera.
B: His demeanor, such a cool chill guy that is down with whatever and has a great eye for any spot

Last words? 
B: Thank you to my sponsors 686 and Salomon for the support. Thank you Slush for the support and thank you to my family and friends for being there. I can't thank Keegan and Hupp enough, you guys rule 😘
K:  Thank you Mother Nature for snowing in the States! Thank you 686 and Ride.