|   Patrick Bridges

Photo: Andrew Miller

In the late Spring of 2011, I was invited to Copper Mountain, Colorado to witness Pat Moore attempt to make snowboarding history by breaking the world record for the highest air ever done on a quarterpipe, which was set at 9.8 meters by Terje Haakonsen at the Arctic Challenge in Oslo, Norway in 2007. Despite boosting in the ballpark of three stories on that day, rather than breaking records Pat ended up breaking himself. Yet, here we are more than a decade later and Pat is still someone who I routinely look up to as he continues to find ways to reach ever greater heights. - Pat Bridges

Why do you want me to interview you over email? It isn’t like you don’t live 20 minutes from me or that we don’t hang out or talk on the phone ever.

With a 2 month old I feel like my brain is mush, this gives me a chance to sound slightly less dumb than I am. 

How did breaking up with K2 go? Did you use the “it’s not you, it’s me” line?

I mean it sucked because I’m so close with Tommy J and I really appreciate and respect the crew there but ultimately I saw the vision of what I want to do with Arbor and I had to follow my instincts. Everyone in the process was super respectful and understanding, I know Tommy is going to continue killing it.

When you first posted about exiting K2 on Instagram I initially thought that you should have considered “quiet quitting” but then I immediately wondered how many people assumed you were going to join Jeremy, Dawger and Peter in relaunching Forum. Did you have any talks with or consider joining the Forum Two?

Of course I spoke with Jeremy, Forum was such a big part of my youth and it was incredible to be apart of the brand for over 10 years. It’s awesome to see the ownership land in their hands and I will always have a ton of support for them and the team they put together but there wasn’t necessarily a place for me on that team. From the sounds of it they don’t plan on creating a team from past riders and are more focused on providing opportunities to the next generation, which I think is incredible. My plan with Arbor is to eventually provide similar support for the next gen as well, so I think collectively they are both great for snowboarding. Also, I don’t think you know what “quiet quitting” is. 

Do you regret not doing this interview over the phone yet?

So far this has saved me at least 45 minutes of you talking at me. 

Can you explain the journey it took for you to make the transition to joining Arbor? As I understand it, this is a conversation between you and Dave Marx the Arbor Global Marketing Manager that began a few years ago and has transcended many different stages of both of your careers.

Actually, the conversation started with a call from Eddie Wall, Eddie’s always had my back and after working at Arbor for a while he thought it would be a great fit for me. I’ve known Dave a long time though and we’ve tried to work together at a couple different stages but it never panned out. As Dave calls it, he’s been playing the "long game” with me. But long story short, I had a lot of conversations with Eddie, Dave, Bryan Iguchi and the rest of the Arbor crew about my goals and things I’d like to do and they were super receptive and it simply felt right. I’m really looking forward to rolling out our plans over the next couple of years, the process has already been so much fun.  

Without using Google or calling Eddie Wall tell us how each of the following proprietary Arbor technologies makes their snowboards unique and please be honest.

I just got done designing a board so jokes on you Bridges.

- Uprise Fenders:

Rises on the contact points to help roll into turns. 

- Grip Tech:

Edge contact points that are under your feet .

- Root Finder Sidecut:

I don’t know this one, is this a trick? That sounds made up.

- Parabolic Profiling:

Multiple radiuses in the camber arc which helps the abrupt change at the nose and tail.

- 4x4 Insert Pattern:

Got me on this one. Have any more brain busters?

Not entirely unrelated to Arbor you have spent the last few seasons laying down roots in Tahoe. Why Tahoe and what is your winter routine these days?

My wife Chelsie grew up here and her family is all close by. When we started talking about having a kid we wanted to get closer to family and this was the natural fit. We lived right in the heart of Salt Lake before, so moving to the woods was a big change. Winters lately have been filming with Kyle Schwartz with a bunch of Tahoe heads like John Jackson, Christian Conners and Kevin Jones. We did a lot of sledding last year as well as some touring, the Sierra range is huge so it’s pretty endless around here. Had a lot of park days at Woodward Boreal and looking forward to Sierra At Tahoe opening back up! 

Is Arbor aware that your superlative planting abilities doesn’t actually involve you putting any seeds into the soil?

’m a one trick pony on the plants, I need to upgrade before I turn into the “McEgg guy” if you know what I mean Bridges?

Speaking of planting seeds despite Nevada State Covid guidance on social distancing you and your wife Chelsea managed to procreate. So is the pro you created, Rainey, gonna be regular or goofy?

Good one Pat. I’m hoping she’s goofy for some reason.

As an aside “Procreator™" would be an incredible name for a line of kids boards. 

A great example of why nobody listens to your ideas. 

What are the latest happenings with Methodology for this upcoming season?

Still finalizing the plans but hoping to have a couple events and raise funds for some good causes. Last season was a big one, we did 4 stops and raised over $60,000 for our beneficiaries so we are hoping to continue providing value to snowboard communities. 

Whenever you talk to people about your involvement in Liquid Death do you ever feel like you are drowning in puns?

How much of your day is coming up with jokes? How do you and Stan get anything done?

With being a father and a pro snowboarder for Arbor, running a non-profit and helping Liquid Death with marketing do you ever feel like you are burning the candle at both ends? 

The candle is always lit Pat. Honestly, I’m working on the balance of each of these rolls, recognizing that the one place I cannot come up short on is being a good father and present for my family. I have to organize my days more intentionally now to get things done but it feels good to put in the work. In each of those jobs I work with great people and am a part of an incredible community so I couldn’t ask for more. 

Thanks Pat. Now I need to check my email settings because for some reason your answers didn’t end up in my Junk mail.