Cuban Lu introduces: Technicaly Doing It

A phone call with Luis Medearis @cuban_lu about the Techincaly Doing It announcement:

I’ve been filming a documentary since I started snowboarding called THE ONLYZ. This is only my third year snowboarding and I’ve been filming it for about three years. I’ve been to Europe two times this year totaling up a month, which is crazy because I haven’t been anywhere before I started snowboarding . I’ve been able to meet a lot of the pro black borders from working on the film. I’ve noticed that none of them get to hang out with each other and spend time with each other. A lot of times you are the only black guy/lady in the group or on the mountain.So I suggested we start a crew and everyone was super duper down with it. So this video is an announcement for our crew.

The crew:
Zeb Powell
Lj Henriquez
Rob Roethler
Brolin Mawejje
David Djité
Yanneck Kando
Stevie Bell
Keir Dillon
Irie Jefferson
Kevin Igncia
Mike McDaniel
Kody Williams
Adros Mitchell

We are definitely going to go on trips together and do collaborations with brands. Also hold events trying to spread the love of snowboarding around.

Little about Luis:
I’m from LA. I played basketball my entire life until I moved to Sacramento. I played college basketball in Sacramento and met my wife. My wife taught me how to snowboard. And then COVID happened during my senior year of playing ball and I kinda just dropped it all and fell in love with snowboarding and filming