Day 1 in Chile—By George Burton Carpenter


Words by George Burton Carpenter.

The concept for Burton Day 1 for Jake started as a way to honor my dad, Jake Burton, and his 100 days of snowboarding every year. My dad rode 100+ days a year to stay connected to snowboarding as it continually evolved.

Every August, he would go meet up with the local Burton Chilean crew, led by Andres Erlandsen, to start his ‘winter season’ in August. A couple of times we went as a family, and I’ve been in love with Chile ever since. It’s hard to describe without going there… but Chileans have the most welcoming and fun energy of any snowboard destination on the planet. Go check it out if you can!

This year, we decided to host an event – called Burton Day 1 for Jake. I brought pro riders Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, and Brock Crouch. These riders are brothers to me, and the locals were so hyped that they were there! In a spiritual fashion, it started snowing the day of the event, and didn’t stop until the next morning. My dad blessed us with one of the best pow days ever. Thank you Jake!

Also, a big thank you to Burton Chile, El Montanes Restaurant, and La Parva Resort. We’ll be back next year! 

And I also want to send love to Manuel Diaz and his family. Manuel is a Chilean pro snowboarder and a beautiful person, who is currently recovering from an accident. Much love Manuel!

Pops enjoying his final Day 1 in Chile, August 2019.

 Danny Davis. p: Jose Pablo Castillo

“Celebrating Jake’s Day 1 in Chile was a trip I’ll never forget. Going down to Chile is always a highlight of any season. The culture is amazing. Chileans are the most gracious hosts, and to go down there with the notion of doing a trip JAKE style. Non- stop, go- go- go attitude was in full effect. Riding the resorts, heli- boarding, mountain biking, surfing, and enjoying time with our crew – celebrating someone who we miss so dearly.” - Danny Davis 

 Brock Crouch // p: Jose Pablo Castillo

 “Well… after hearing all the amazing stories about Chile and how much Jake loved that place, now I know why! The community down there is so special and everyone’s energy is through the roof! You can really tell Jake had a HUGE influence on every single person he met there. Viva Chile! See you next year at Day Uno.” - Brock Crouch


Mark McMorris, Brock Crouch, Danny Davis, George Carpenter// p: Jose Pablo Castillo

“Day 1 for Jake was a special gathering for the whole snowboard community of Chile and beyond! I personally think Jake would have loved the energy surrounding ‘Day 1’.” - Mark McMorris

Andres and Jake. // Photo courtesy of Burton

“Every year we started Jake’s 100 days of snowboarding together in Chile, riding with friends and enjoying the magic of the Andes. Today we continue this tradition with George, the riders, and friends. It’s an honor and we’ll keep it going forever. Ride on Jake!!” - Andres Erlandsen

 House for the weekend, Refugio Uno, located in the town of Farellones // p. Jose Pablo Castillo

 We linked up the day before to warm up the legs on a bluebird day at La Parva!

The beginning of Day 1 for Jake. Getting lift tickets, greeting people as they arrived, and handing out stickers // p. Jose Pablo Castillo

Ride on Jake!


Sage Kotsenburg came through for the day! // p. Jose Pablo Castillo
The unofficial president of Chile – Perro Amarillo (Yellow Dog)
It was a complete whiteout with the incoming storm, so we headed to the party after a couple of scary laps. // p: Jose Pablo Castillo
The patrollers were there to help keep the partying safe. // p: Jose Pablo Castillo
Pisco party! // p: Jose Pablo Castillo
Every resort loves their Aperol Spritzes. // p: Jose Pablo Castillo
We kept our mitts and beanies on all night. // p: Jose Pablo Castillo
The deck was filling up as it started to get darker. // p: Jose Pablo Castillo
We had planned a night run with torches, but the weather was too sketchy. Instead we lit a group of small fires to celebrate my dad’s light!
People were excited to get some warmth by the fires.
We let out their love for the snowboard community! Thank you Jake!
The next day was a bluebird pow day.
This line is for you Pops. Much love! // p: Jose Pablo Castillo
Our last family trip to Chile with my dad in 2014. We’ll keep it going!