Dew Tour 2023 Results and BTS Photos

  |   Stan Leveille

The Dew Tour wrapped in Copper, Colorado and It’s hard to argue, that despite any podium results, that the unequivocal “winner” of the Dew Tour was 11 year old Patti Zhou. With each interview, her responses seemed to grow in hilarity, so we made compilation.


Beyond the star power that Patti brought into this broadcast, we are also shown a glimpse into the budding rivalry that is likely to ensue between Zhou and Gaon Choi, the 14 year old Korean pipe rider who also just took gold at X Games, and will likely enter a long run of podiums so long as Chloe Kim continues to refrain from competition. 

Men’s superpipe turned out to be quite the nail biter as well, with Taylor Gold and Ayumu Hirano, relying on their final runs to propel them into the top two spots. Ayumu would successfully put down a pair of 1440s, a crippler, back 9, straight into frontside 1260 to earn a score of 96.66. Gold came back from last position into second in his last run with a solid line packed with one massive air to fakie that sticks with us. Raibu Katayama on the other hand, entered the contest swinging, as his first run would hold him in podium position for the entirety of the contest. 

We would be remiss to not mention that perhaps our favorite part was when Ayumu denied doing an interview after his winning run. 

After the Superpipe contest wrapped, a Big Air jam ensued with both skiers and snowboarders. Ayumu and Raibu battled back and forth for highest air, with Atom ultimately winning the day with a massive 22’ 8” air. The most important takeaway here was that Snowboarders went bigger than skiers.

On the other end of the spectrum was the streetsyle event. The format broke riders into three separate heats of four riders, the top two advancing to a head to head round that would dictate the final three riders facing off in finals. 

In the women’s comp, Alexis Roland would prove victorious through the help of a switchback 50 combo and full pulls through the course.

 Slush Mag Rookie if the year, Egan Wint brought the heat while dawning a pink cast on her wrist with Hot Coco head honcho Maria Thomsen taking third place despite a bone bruise on her knee that was making even walking a challenge.

 The “Papa Johns Flip It Award'' (yea, we don't know) was awarded to Jaylen Hanson for her impressive Front Board Pretzel.  Jaylen rode incredibly well.

The men’s competition wrapped the whole event, as the legs of completion brought on a number of upsets in the second round, as one of the favorites to win, Darcy Sharpe was eliminated by LJ Henriquez. Nate Haust seemed to be unbeatable though as his winning run consisted of a 450 out that was simply bolts, which combined with his other tricks gave him a score of 92.33. Haust was also awarded the Papa Johns Flip It Award for the Cab 270 on, 450 out for the $2,500 cash prize. Haust won after a tense couple minutes in the corale standing next to Benny Milam, who also had an impressive run

Women’s Superpipe Final

  1. Gaon Choi (KOR) - 98.33
  2. Patti Zhou (CHN) - 90.66 
  3. Bea Kim (USA) - 80.00


Men’s Superpipe Final

  1. Ayumu Hirano (JPN) 96.66
  2. Taylor Gold (USA) 91.33
  3. Raibu Katayama (JPN) 90.00


Women’s Streetstyle Final

  1. Alexis Hernandez-Roland (USA) - 82.33
  2. Egan Wint (USA) - 75.66
  3. Maria Thomsen (DEN) - 64.00

Best Trick: Jaylen Hansen (USA) - Front Board Pretzel


Men’s Streetstyle Final

  1. Nate Haust (USA) 91.33
  2. Benny Milam (USA) 90.00
  3. Dylan Alito (USA) 88.00

Best Trick: Nate Haust (USA) - Cab 270 on 450 Out 

And now, some scene-setting photos from our editor, Stan Leveille

Grace Warner with the game face.

Raibu Katayama's perm is so fresh, his helmet doesn't fit anymore. We started calling him the perminator.

The Patti Party cheering section

Maria Thomsen consults her coaches, Stefi Luxton and Jill Perkins

Stefi Luxton- VIP ACESS.

Coach Danny Kass on his way to congratulate Bea Kim on her third place.

Agent Ryan Runke is ecstatic with Gaon Choi's victory.

Danny Davis talks shop with Gunny - Peace Park spoilers to come!?

An apt portrait of Team Manager. Pat Dodge.

Egan is Cheesin.

 The Champ. Alexis Roland.

Katie Kennedy "coached" Egan into second.

Ayumu Hirano about an hour before he denied The Dew Tour a victory Interview. Legend.

Maria Thomsen goes full pipe jock.

Mary Walsh was handing out cash for slashes!

Danny Davis when he found out his backcountry pack didn't win him the "drip award."

Danny Kass with something special in his mitten

Ayumu and Raibu post big air face off.

The spectator sign game for Streetstyle was ON POINT. p.s.-Free Turbo.

Sign language between competitors.

Snowboard Editor Mark Clavin just gives up on the final podium shot.