DIYX Castle Jam // Full Video Recap

  |   Stan Leveille

Frankly, we get hungover watching this recap. Monster just released the official edit from Castle Jam in Seefeld, Austria, and it’s got all the clips you need to see condensed into one place, as well as a hearty mix of party clips and some skating too. We can pretty firmly say this is the craziest and potentially the best contest in all of snowboarding. I was on the ground at the event, but I'm saving my full musings for a print story in the next volume. Stay tuned.


From the Desk at Monster: 

The legendary DIYX Strt Jam returned for the fourth chapter! Snowboarders and skateboarders from around the world were invited by host Ethan Morgan to throw down over some of the most unique spots in history, and party hard ‘medieval style’ up in the historic Seefeld Magic Castle in Austria.

Featuring: Ethan Morgan, Juho Laine, Hrund Hanna Thor, Narco Sulab, Pat Fava, Sparrow Knox, Joe Simpson, Spencer Schubert, Halldor Helgason, Rene Rinnekangas, Zeb Powell, Austin Vizz, Oyvind Kirkus, Egan Vint, Jake Yanko, Yam Behar, Dusty Hendrickson, Willon Voges Fernandes, Henna Jkola, Lorenz Vyslozil, Paul McEller, Benny Milam, Luke Winklemann, Mia Brookes, Rob Roethler, Martin Cattaneo, Jan Hirt, Dlamini Dlamini, Jordan Thackeray, Justin Sommer, Doobie, Patrick Hofmann, Lolo Derminio.