DRAGO - An adventurous snowboard film





We present you DRAGO - a snowboard and visual short film featuring Moritz Amsuess, Flo Corzelius and Simon Pircher.

This video was captured by Sebi Madlener during a two week trip to Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Klagenfurt (Austria). Both Ljubljana and Klagenfurt have dragons as their landmarks so the project was named DRAGO. The graphics and animations were done by Moritz Amsuess and Sebi Madlener took care of the editing. "When starting to think about this project in September 22 I knew that I wanted to focus on riding spots that are not just gnarly but also photogenic and preferably rough and urban looking so that both the riding and the scenery are enjoyable to watch. From the beginning, I had the idea to create animations that are based on visual elements taken from the locations and spots. In my mind it would make the locations even more interesting and could add up to a sick composition when putting the footage together with the motion graphics." - Moritz Amsuess

Filmed and edited by Sebi Madlener

3D visuals and motions by Moritz Amsuess

Photographed by Theo Acworth

Supported by Volcom and Deeluxe