Dylan Okurowski and Jeff Holce - "Thank You For Your Patience"




"What started out as a quick strike mission to Nashville with these two for the video mag, turned into a month+ journey of filming from SLC to the East Coast, around the Great Lakes into Canada and back. These guys were willing to sit, wait, and even help me out with filming from time to time while I had other projects to work on. We had no real plan besides to get a couple clips and keep it moving. These two are some ride or die homies and I’m happy to present these video parts that we ended up with. It was originally going to be separate videos for each of em but, although each part is pretty different, it just makes more sense having them in the same video" - Ted


Starring - Dylan Okurowski and Jeff Holce
Also featuring - Darrah Reid-McClean, Martyn Vachon, Tucker Brown, Jordan Bell

Video by Ted Borland

Additional Video - Paul Osborne Jack Reid Kyle Murray Fredrik Perry Max Tokunaga Martyn Vachon Brendan Barry