Goon Gear & Vermontlocs Present "THE RECIPE"

  |   Patrick Bridges

Just when you thought videos these days don't have enough graffiti in them Goon Gear and Vermontlocs once again bless the feed with "The Recipe". The ingredients of fun, raw and reckless riding remains the same with Lucas appropriately snagging the opener. Gooner continues to fill the screen with charisma as he shivers and swivels at some of the dirtiest spots from coast to coast. Goon Gear is a family affair, with lil Winter pitching in by shoveling the spots, as her mom Tonya stacks some "Still Got It" clips! Anthony Mazzotti, Benny Kaufman, Jake Fern, Joey Leon, Colin Wilson and Vinnie are all kindred spirits in the crew popping impressive presses, big drops, shifty shivers and sketchy wooden gap rails. Perhaps the most dominant flavor in "The Recipe" is Tommy Olivas who is basically Gooner 2006 reincarnate. From the Big Bear City school to Minneapolis to the Chittendon Reservoir Tommy shivers, swivels, 450's, creepers, cripplers and thows down a shitload of kink rail craziness. Tommy even gets a clip on the elusive Chittendon Reservoir dam drop!