Goon Jam Tour Stop #6 — Bousquet Ski Resort, MA

The Goon Jam Tour has come to an end. Our last stop at Bousquet Ski Area in Massachusetts was a blast.  We were supposed to have it out in California, but the snow was just too much!  Although it would have been nice to wrap up the year in the Cali spring conditions, everyone around was hyped to have finalized the tour back east and the GoonGear family is grateful for all the support shown. Here's to another unbelievable nationwide event series. Catch us next season at a mountain near you!

Big shout out to all these companies. They make these jams possible! @slushthemagazine @sims_snowboards @snowwhitetechnologies @crap.sack @bakerstsnow @gamaprintingco @alpinebandit @liquiddeath @snowpiratesco @pinetreeapothecary @wildmikespizza @towprolifts @stinky_socks @crabgrab @bigbearboards  @cbdayz @dankdonuts @hovlandsnowskates @dangshades @darksidevt @officialgenius @protec @timetoshred.mfg @vermontlocs @unionbindingco @thirdeyecompany @yaakoptics @pioneersnowboards  @bumfuccs @splintersvt @thankyousnowboarding @jahfeelz @crawlwaxco  @dope_industries @mdxone @thebombhole @came_from_n0thing @vanssnow @thestickybrand @hippeas_snacks @snowshed


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