Guest Mix: Brain Bowl 2024 at Mt. Baker


Tre Squad knows how to throw a party, and this year's Brain Bowl Sessions 2024 at Mt. Baker was no exception. The park is handcrafted, and the playlist is curated with care. If you didn't know, Max Warbington, also known as DJ Lava Lamp, was behind the turntables. Here's what was bumping.. 





A look back at Rolling in the Deep–A Brain Bowl Story — Issue 3.2 by Gus Warbington

Tre Squad executive board members

Given the series of unfortunate events that took place in the weeks leading up to this year’s Baker Brain Bowl, any logical person would have concluded that it simply shouldn't have worked.

During the planning stages, there weren't exactly green lights beaming down from the universe upon us. Perhaps, had both Max and I been in a different place, like the place of mental and physical exhaustion that typically comes at the end of a full season of riding, we may have looked at our situation and found it all too easy to throw in the towel on this one. However, what overrode all the reasons not to, was one predominant reason why; we kinda needed this.

Vizz, a Brain Bowl staple // p: Brad Andrew


Rewind to November. On the very first day of an early season snowboard trip to Europe, ring-leader, head organizer, and my brother, Max Warbington, kicked the winter off by separating his shoulder and chipping a bone in his shoulder blade. After a painful trip home and months of recovery, he gradually made his way back to riding by Spring. In early April, while on his way up to Mt. Bachelor, he called me to finalize plans for the Baker Bowl, the annual season finale of the Brain Bowl Sessions event series. Vibes were high on that call. He was finally able to ride, and I was excited to have something fun on the horizon after being stuck in SLC recovering from yet another flare-up of a chronic neck injury that had plagued the last two years of my life. Our original idea was for us to be up at Baker for almost the entire month of May, planning, building, organizing, chilling, and taking our sweet time making sure that the event would go as well as possible. We had big plans, and we couldn't wait to get started. The call ended, Max went riding, and I continued my day with sights set squarely ahead to Baker. Finally, something for the both of us to look forward to that would put our injury-ridden seasons behind us.

Fast forward a few hours. I get another call from him, this time with a much different tone. The story goes, he had finished a full day of riding, went to head out and noticed his snowskate sitting in the back of his truck, tempting him to bring it out for a final solo lap. On this fateful last lap, true to superstition, he caught his edge and ate shit, breaking his collarbone. Naturally, it was the same shoulder that he'd already injured. And naturally, as he would soon find out, it was a bad enough break that he would need surgery. This was a month before we planned to head up to Baker.