The much anticipated Hot Coco is now Live on RedBullTV. The 18 minute masterpiece is filled with hammer clips and hilariously relatable b-roll. The Burton Snowboards female street team is arguably the best out.

Maria Thomsen, Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir, Nora Beck, and Grace Warner traveled from eastern Canada to Iceland and Finland to create Hot Coco. A worldly endeavor that produced something truly spectacular.  

For those unfamiliar, the long hours standing in the streets can induce a certain kind of madness. A wrenching uncertainty as the variables of the situation change at the drop of a hat. A hat that you will vitally need as the long cold hours drive the body motions you do to stay warm into a stiff dance of sorts.

It’s not that people don’t appreciate street riding, it’s that a lot of people don’t grasp the lengths we must go to entertain ourselves as our friend battles the clip. Because while snowboarding is often touted as an individual activity, filming in the streets successfully is quite the group effort. You need shovelers, look-outs, filmers, photographers, but most importantly, you need a source of energy. A nebulous forcefield that pushes the rider to keep trying  along an uncertain path towards the bliss of getting the clip. Clip high, as everyone calls it now.

Sure, sometimes it comes quickly. The excited and happy closure one feels after getting a clip sooner than expected is one of the things street riders constantly long for.  But often, it comes over an excruciating length of hours spent overthinking, obsessing, sweating…self loathing.

You see, THAT process is not always documented. And it’s no easy task. In a somewhat futile attempt to tell the stories of the streets, we worked with Maria to get a more robust picture of the process by forcing her to divulge her iphone photos from the making of the film.


The aforementioned crew. The invisible energy field that drives Maria Thomsen to continue getting clips in Iceland. Pictured left to right is Dave Walcer, Gunshow, Ylfa, and Nora. 

Well it’s safe to say that Maria really goes out on a limb for her homies. Sometimes getting the shot requires a certain level of risk. Complicit in that risk for Maria Thomsen here, is Ylfa, who actually serves as a human latter of sorts while attempting to film in Montreal. 

Let’s not forget what all this hard work is about. Looking swaggy to the rest of the world. What better way to affirm your mission towards swaggy-ness than by writing your own affirmation on the back of your rented doge van in Quebec.

As the sheer athleticism and stamina required to perform at such a striking level remains everpressing, a good diet is vital to success. Here Grace Warner takes ritual in one of the key food groups of any street trip -HOT COCO

Everyone knows the only thing that can make poutine better is when you are eating of the floor of your rented van that has the word “swaggy” drawn on the back. It’s this exact scene of excellence that makes a street rider’s heart sore, and their parents’ plummet. But alas, the life of a street snowboarder has never been the life of please parents, now has it.

What do you guys think the odds are that they got this shot? FIND OUT FOR YOURSELVES by watching Hot COCO. Like NOW. ASAP. PRONTO.