FROM THE MAG: It Takes Nothing: L1 Goes to Butte — Issue 3.1

L1 gets the van going, no matter what | Photo: Bob Plumb

The following article was originally printed in the October 2023 Issue of Slush. To access the full article click here.

Words by Justin Phipps
Photos by Bob Plumb

Before we jump into the story, let's set the stage. This journey commenced in mid-February when I was relatively new to L1. Alongside me were Brantley Mullins, Luke Lund, and Taylor Davies. All of us were still getting acquainted with our spots on the team. Surely the trip would be a valuable learning experience, as our group was joined by seasoned veterans Joe Sexton, Bob Plumb, Mo Jennings, Simon Gschaider, and Dominick Wagner. With their presence, those of us in the new crew felt assured that we were in capable hands.

Seasoned Vet | Photo: Bob Plumb

The journey began in Salt Lake, featuring a quick stopover in Pocatello, and concluded in Ol’ Butte, Montana. I linked up with the crew in Pocatello, Idaho, where Ben Egan had already captured the trip's initial clip. We embarked on the journey to our ultimate destination in Butte, Montana. The accommodation Bob had arranged for the week was unlike anything I had witnessed before: a luxurious ranch nestled in the countryside, overlooking a cattle field. The walls were adorned with western memorabilia, cowboy hats, and the basement was inhabited by a slew of taxidermied animals. Simply stated, we were living the Montana experience to its fullest.

Brantley and Goop living that Montana experience | Photo: Bob Plumb

On top of finding us some pretty sweet digs, Bob gave us a few rules for the trip:
1. You're not allowed to decide to quit tobacco products while on the trip because you’ll turn into a maniac – his words, not mine.
2. You are not allowed to go vegan on the trip because we’ll waste half the day looking to find you food. This held true for poor Dom in Butte.

Poor Dom still got clips | Photo: Bob Plumb

Later, he made a third rule which was not to break into the Airbnb liquor cabinet after he caught us putting a few shooters back after a successful day...

Fun fact, your narrator also rips. Justin Phipps | Photo: Bob Plumb

Aside from the rules, we got down to business on the trip: fueling up on gas station coffees, scouring the town for spots, visiting the classics, and finding some new ones. Butte, once called "The Richest Hill on Earth" for its history in mining, seemed like it was frozen in time. The town was scattered with old saloons and diners that looked like they had been there for ages, which made for some cool scenery. I remember walking the streets with an old cowboy hat I found at the Airbnb, feeling like I was in some old western film...