JUICED—Emma Crosby

  |   Michael Goodwin

There are few displays of self-assuredness in snowboarding on par with that found around the aux cord at any given event or party. It really is a sight to see. Watching the deluge of would-be DJs poach the playlist at the World Quarters this past May was like watching gamblers saddle up to the blackjack felt in the small hours of the morning, convinced the next hand will be “the one” initiating their ascent to glory, despite the strong odds that their fate will mirror those who preceded them. But tastes are funny that way, and the world is more interesting for it.

The procession at the controls got us thinking: let’s tap into this font a bit, and broaden the horizons. Let’s invite a featured rider to “plug in” and hype more than music, to create a list of things they are psyched on currently, whether it be music, movies, books, artists, movements, quotes, ideas or anything else they feel like advocating.

Now our first guest, Emma Crosby—an SLC resident who cut her teeth at Hyland Hills, MN who's been grabbing plenty of well-deserved attention of late—was not a part of the aforementioned fray, nor do we have any reason to believe that she’d have been interrupting anyone. But we do think she has great style and a strong sense of what’s good, so we booked her for our first JUICED entry. Take it away, Emma!

Mountain biking

It’s that time of year, it’s expensive, it’s fun. Going outside and biking has been getting me hyped recently. Huge drops on loose dirt? No thank you. But I will watch these girls rip ALL DAY. Full rampage mode.

Maité Steenhoudt’s skating

An older video, but so sick to watch. The amount of fun Maité has on a skateboard is the best. Her personality is imprinted all over this part. She makes me want to find the fun in everything I do.

Girl in Red

An LGBT artist that rules. Her songs are about romance and mental health. She dives head first into both of these areas with bravery in her lyrics.

Dear Diary Chapter 2

This was another skate video that was just so fun for me to watch. It’s an inspiration to get out and make something with my friends in any capacity.

US Women's Soccer Team

I’ve been a fan of them since I was a kid. Looking up to the US women’s soccer team was always empowering. They are role models both on and off the field. I grew up watching these strong female role models stand up and speaking out for equality. With the Olympics ramping up, I am stoked to watch them this summer.

Watch LFG, the new documentary about the team and equal pay, here!

Pride Month

There are countless reasons to celebrate Pride. One that had a big impact on me was seeing my friends and family celebrating, it helped me feel seen. There is still time to show up and take part in Pride Month. Some states even have events as late as mid-July. Search events here!