JUICED—Jacob Krugmire

  |   Michael Goodwin

Welcome back to JUICED, our biweekly* web column where we hand a special guest the aux cord of life and ask them to hit us with what’s good. Please welcome Jacob Krugmire to the stage.

Jacob Krugmire is the type of snowboarder that makes us glad to call ourselves snowboarders. Full of energy, flawless style, and just the right amount of dipshitery. Krugs is what we all wished the youth of snowboarding would bring to the table. There’s something special about a guy who can battle through multiple hours of slamming, get a hammer, head straight to the bar, blackout, and then repeat that cycle bright and early the next day. - Justin Meyer

Homies Network


A bunch of friends in New York who are killing it in everything they do whether it’s art, skating, fashion, or music. They’re super passionate about what they love and it’s cool to see



I haven’t been skating as much as I used to but I’ve started riding my bike a bunch. I don’t do touring or anything, but just cruising around whatever city you’re in on a bike is so much fun because it lets you see all the stuff you miss if you were driving.

New York 


Lol, kind of a dumb answer, but I’ve spent almost four months of this year out here and met so many cool new people and have been having a lot of fun. Been a nice change of pace from Seattle. 

Listening to non rap music


Listening to non rap music. I spent damn near 10 years of my life only paying attention to rap music. Now I try to listen to all different types of genres, which has definitely been refreshing. My homie Tenzin made this playlist that I’ve been listening to a lot that has a bit of everything on it. 


Without them life would be boring. This year has been one of my craziest years yet haha but it’s all thanks to my homies. Got mad love for all my friends.