Kenji "Andy" Ando x Dayze x RIDE SNOWBOARDS


Introducing the limited Kenji Ando WARPIG, available now!
"This dream came true at the age of 50. I've been snowboarding for about 30 years, and now I could have my signature board based on the WARPIG, which is the most amazing board I've ever ridden. The graphics were drawn by Ryosuke from Dayze, who I had wanted to have drawn for a long time, and who expressed my image. If you work hard and have fun then keep riding, you can still get a signature board when you are 50 years old. This is also a message to the young people of today. I'm really happy and grateful that I was able to leave it in a shape. It’s great to imagine you all riding on this board in the resorts all over the country." - Kenji "Andy" Ando