Lobster Snowboards: "We Are Losers 2" Official Trailer



From the Lobster Snowboards Desk:

A movie made by Lobsters for losers as we are losers too.


The long-awaited sequel to the Lobster snowboards team movie “Losers” is finally here, well, at least the trailer is here for your eyeballs.. The full movie dropping online in November.

Featuring Lobster creamers: - Halldor Helgason - Eiki Helagson - Hrund Hanna - Fridge - Sparrow Knox - Frank Bourgeois - Bucky - Juho Laine ...................and more.

Shot on location in Iceland, Norway, France, Estonia, Canada, Austria, Finland and more.

Created by: https://www.kuskeproductions.com/ .........with the help of many, many, many talented and awesome human beings.

There will totally be a legit credit list at the end of the movie. Song: Aldauði by Dauðyflin 2:46 IG: https://www.instagram.com/daudyflin/

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