"Mid Life Crisis"—Feat. Blaise Rosenthal, Chad Otterstrom, Oliver Dixon + more

  |   Patrick Bridges


Midlife Crisis is a classic Hood video reminiscent of an era before didi-cams and session recaps. This 5-minute edit harkens back to a time when the Palmer Glacier was a beacon for all freestylers to lap, session, stack clips and poach a camp pipe that wasn't labeled as "elite." With Blaise Rosenthal and Chad Otterstrom providing the opener and ender respectively these clips could've come from the M3 or Kingpin camps two decades ago, except it is 2022 and Blaise and Chad go trick for trick with contemporary senders like Benny Milam, Bode Merril, Lenny Mazzotti, Oliver Dixon and more. Hard to say if watching Blaise spin off the toes with the best of 'em is more impressive than Chad's switch stance halfpipe barrage which includes a switch alley-loop mctwist followed by a switch backside mctwist. Obviously the editor believes that the sw bs 720 is the crescendo of the timeline and who are we to argue.

Featuring: Blaise Rosenthal, Chad Otterstrom, Oliver Dixon, Mike McDaniel, Russell Winfield, Jeremy Jones, Marcus Rand, Desiree Melancon, Benny Milam, Lenny Mazzotti, Gabe Allam, Chris Gulick, Ruben Rosenfors, Nick Fox, Harrison Gordon and Bode Merrill.