Mons Røisland - Welcome To The Nidecker Team Edit & Interview




Directed by Fredrik Perry
Video and edit: Fred
GoPro footage: Oscar Wright
Additional video: Fridge

A new teammate was added to the Nidecker roster -- Mons Røisland! With a WELCOME TO THE TEAM edit like this, we had to know more! 

So your Welcome to the Team edit just dropped. The snowboarding is really good, and it looked like you had a great time making it?
We did. Fred Perry made it for me. We had ten days in Australia. It's definitely a fun Welcome to the Team edit.

I love Freddy! He’s so fun to be around.
He's one of the biggest snowboard nerds that I know. He has such a good eye for the riding side and also just capturing moments. He filmed and edited everything. Nidecker gave us a really open brief to make whatever we wanted, and I think it turned out pretty cool. It was really fun, he's just a good time. We went to Sydney and hung out and played some golf.

That sounds so fun! How long have you been riding for Nidecker?
I signed with them at the beginning of 2023. It was actually pretty cool -Thierry Kunz, who I knew from my time riding for DC 4 or 5 years ago, reached out. He’s now brand manager for Nidecker. He saw that I was lobbing around different boards and trying stuff out. He reached out to me as an old friend and asked if I wanted to have a talk about Nidecker.

That’s super cool, and it probably feels right when you are approached by a friend that you have a past relationship with.
For sure. It was really exciting. I just told him I was interested in having that conversation and creating something together. And we're now in the process of making a new board with Nidecker. A totally different series that's going to be my board. Which is super exciting. I’ve never had a pro model before.

Oh, sick, congratulations! How do you like Nidecker boards so far?

I could tell right away that they're great boards. I’ve tried a bunch of their boards, and honestly I’ve never had such a crazy carving experience. I think they have the best all-around boards for turning, cruising around and just being all over the mountain. The whole spectrum of boards they have is ridiculous. But for what I do - compete, hit some bigger jumps, all that stuff, we were missing that proper freestyle board. That’s when we had the conversation around making a new model and got on that right away.

The team is already pretty sick.

Yeah, they have some great riders already – like Mat Crepel, Sebby K, Jon Sebastian, and Ejack who's recently joined on the boots. Some of the team are coming to the sales meetings in a couple of weeks in Switzerland, and we can hang out some more. I'm going to present this new board and my Welcome to the Team edit, and just get to know everyone a little bit better. I’ve met some of them, but not everyone. It’s going to be a great introduction to everyone at Nidecker, the whole family.

What else is in the future? Are you still competing?
I am. This year will be pretty exciting. Last year I went and filmed a little bit with Torstein. We're making a little short film. And this year we're going to film a lot more and try to make a bigger project. So I'm going to do the bigger competitions like X Games and some of the World Cups, but spend the majority of my time filming backcountry with Torstein, which is going to be super exciting.

How did the Nidecker boards perform in the backcountry? Which model were you on?
The majority of the time filming, I was on the Alpha APX, which is an insanely sick do-it-all powder board. I rode it a bunch in the park, too. Torstein and I made some park edits. That board rips everything – it's one of the most versatile I’ve ever tried.

Will you do the Olympics again? Do you always want to compete?
I definitely want to film more and more – you know, to make that transition and graduate from competing at some point. But I still love it, and I still think it pushes me in the right direction. I've learned so much from competing. The last two Olympics have been in Korea and China, and China was during Covid so that was a pretty crazy experience. But I really want to go to the next Olympics in Italy, that should be super fun.