Visionary, Filmmaker, Friend - Pierre Minhondo Remembered

Pierre Minhondo Photo: Jean Blotto Gray

With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to Pierre Minhondo, a visionary filmmaker and true luminary in the snowboarding family.  Pierre's untimely passing leaves a massive void for so many whose lives he touched.  His passion, dedication, and creativity has forever shaped the riding community.

Pierre pushed the boundaries of visual storytelling with a plethora of iconic films under Neoproto (Neoproto [blue box], Everyday Something, Some Kinda Life) and later People Films (People, We’re People Too, Down With People, Nice Try, Cheers, Good Look, Pretty Wise).  Additionally, he created the impactful “Welcome” series launching the prolific Adidas snowboarding team into the zeitgeist.  In 2016, Minhondo went on to produce, film, and edit Transworld Skateboarding’s Video of the Year, “Away Days”.  

Pierre Minhondo & Joe Carlino Photo: Java Fernandez

To say his canon is deep and impressive would be a complete understatement.  His films combine elite lensmanship, master class editing, impeccable music selection, and illuminate all that is pure in snowboarding.  He made good riders look great and turned great riders into legends.  His work will stand the test of time, especially in the collections of those who know what’s up.  Simply put, the man was a master.

However, it was Pierre’s penchant for catapulting new, unknown, and sometimes “slept on” riders into the spotlight in a beautiful, considered, and radical way that will serve as his legacy.  A seemingly endless list of snowboarding’s "who’s who" appeared either for the first time, or in their best light in front of Pierre’s lens.  Joe Sexton, Corey Smith, Tim Eddy, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Nima Jalali, Robbie Sell, Shaun McKay, Stephen Duke, and Curtis Woodman, just to name a few.  So many icons credit Pierre as the catalyst that kickstarted or amplified their professional careers.  His impact on the pros, other filmmakers, and riders around the world is immeasurable.  

Pierre Minhondo Photo: Dean Blotto Gray

Apart from his work, those close to Pierre remember him as warm, kind, hardworking, and brilliant.  He was a cherished friend, a generous mentor, and an inspiration to many other lensmen.  His creativity will continue to resonate in the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to know him.  

Rest In Peace, dear Pierre.  You will be missed, but never be forgotten.  For now, you’re just a Blue Box away.   - Java Fernandez

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Photo: Robbie Sell

Photo: Robbie Sell

Pierre Minhondo & Corey Koniniec Photo: Dean Blotto Gray