Red Bull Bonus Track - Recap and Photos

  |   Stan Leveille
Forever inspired by Benny Milam. Midwest local. // p: Ashley Rosemeyer

I'm always drawn to the bonus tracks on an album – those hidden gems that bring unexpected joy and keep the party going. While the main tracks tend to steal the show, the bonus tracks are like mischievous little siblings, ready to surprise and delight us. Sometimes, the best things in life aren't just the main course but the delectable extras that leave us craving more.

This past weekend, the Red Bull Bonus Track in Trollhaugen held a similar energy – a savory extra session of the year that none of us expected. Only at Trollhaugen can you witness the sheer determination and resourcefulness to turn winter leftovers into an adrenaline-packed summer activity for the public to enjoy.
The format of the contest was rather simple. A pair of riders formed a team and had about 5 hours to film each other on the 10+ wooden features. With 1 and a half hours to edit the video, snowboard content experts – Justin Meyer, Jon Stark, Danimals, and Lex Roland- judged the final products.

Getting clips is Sierra and Egan's favorite hobby // p: Stephan Jende

Here are the teams that participated:
  • Pat Fava & Jeff Holce
  • Brock Crouch & Russ Chai
  • Grace Warner & Luke Winkelmann
  • Egan Wint & Sierra Forchheimer
  • Danyale Patterson & Kevin Gillespie
  • Derek Lemke & Brent Behm
  • Ryan Paul & Brandon Gill
  • Brett Stamper & Nate Bujarski
  • Benny Milam & Lenny Mazzotti
  • Nick Fox & Luke Hahn
  • Mike Liddle & Calvin Green
  • Iris Pham & Veda Hallen
  • Craig McMorris & Frank Jobin
  • Sam Anderson & Pete Croasdale
  • Rob Roethler & Devin Desean
  • Garrett McKenzie & Cole Solner

Despite the perfect climate on the day of the event, the 60-second bonus track edits weren't just a walk in the park. We're talking blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears. The temperatures were hotter than a spotted cow left out in the summer sun, and let's not forget the snow burn mixed with mud that made quite the fashion statement.

Pete Croasdale is not camera shy // p: Stephan Jende

The public jam that followed was a jaw-dropping spectacle of locals pushing the limits. They threw caution to the wind and put their bodies on the line as if there was some sort of discount sale at the hospital. Risky business, but thankfully, no one suffered any serious injuries.

Clip high bonding between Luke and Grace // p: Stephan Jende

The winners, Sam Anderson and Pete Croasdale walked away with $5,000. Egan Wint and Sierra Forchheimer snagged second place, leaving Trollhaugen with a cool $2,000. Rob Roethler's gap switch backside 360 made heads spin, and Cole Solner's knee slide made the crowd go wild, making them recipients of the "best trick" award.

We'll say it now and we'll say it again: We love the Midwest. When you're there, you are family.

First place Winners: Pete Croasdale and Sam Anderson // p: Mike Dawson

Second place Winners: Sierra Forchheimer and Egan Wint // p: Mike Dawsone

Best trick: Rob Robethler // p: Stephan Jende