Zeb Powell backslides a rail at Hart Plaza in Detroit at Red Bull Heavy Metal 2023 // p: Joe Gall

The World’s Top Street Snowboarders to Converge on the Minnesota State Capitol Building

Minnesotans don’t shy away from the cold, preferring to spend their winters enjoying the outdoors. From cross-country skiing and pond hockey to winter carnivals, residents of the North Star State know the best way to survive the winter is to be out in it. And on February 10, 2024, there will be yet another reason to be outside: Red Bull Heavy Metal.
Red Bull Heavy Metal is the premiere event in street snowboarding – A single-day competition that features a variety of unique obstacles and lines, compiled in one downtown space for the ultimate exhibition in technical skill and personal style.
The competition began in the early 2000s to celebrate the snowboarders who didn’t only ride in the mountains and at snow resorts. It shone a light on street snowboarding, a style of riding that emphasizes the use of features that wouldn’t look out of place at a skatepark: rails, stairs, and other natural features. The series was revived in January 2022 as the first Red Bull Heavy Metal in nearly 20 years was held at Cascade Park in Duluth, MN and moved to Hart Plaza in Detroit, MI for 2023.

Now, in 2024, the world’s best street snowboarders will show off their talents and skills on a custom course built onto the Minnesota State Capitol grounds in Saint Paul.

Brantley Mullins boardslides a rail at Hart Plaza in Detroit at Red Bull Heavy Metal 2023 // p: Emily Tidwell

Mayor of Saint Paul Melvin Carter offered his excitement for the February event, "We are thrilled to welcome this exciting event to Saint Paul as we celebrate the remarkable talent of these world-class athletes," said Mayor Carter. "This showcase set against our city's stunning backdrop will mesmerize audiences and emphasize how our community embraces the winter months."

Competition Director Joe Sexton had this to say about the unique location, “The Capitol is the perfect place for a contest like this. Spectators are going to experience top level snowboarding at a location that’s never seen anything like it before. The building itself is going to make for incredible images and viewing. Saint Paul can expect a group of snowboarders who are the best in the world, coming to the city with so much excitement and respect for what they are allowed to take part in.”

Benny Milam slides down a kink rail at Duluth's Cascade Park at Red Bull Heavy Metal 2022 // p:  Mark Clavin

Red Bull Athlete, Minnesota Native, and winner of the 2022 contest Benny Milam is also excited. “2024 is about to be a good year for Red Bull Heavy Metal. We’re bringing it back to Minnesota where legends like Chad Otterstrom and Micah McGinnity really got the ball rolling for this side of snowboarding. I’m excited to bring it to Saint Paul and hopefully introduce and inspire people from all over the state to help the progression of the sport.”

“This event is a great showcase of a side of snowboarding that has no barrier to entry. Street snowboarding, or Urban snowboarding as some call it, is a great way to get out and enjoy the act of snowboarding with your friends, without needing the mountains or even having to spend big money on a resort day pass. That’s my favorite part about this side of snowboarding: All you need is your snowboard, a shovel, and some good friends to enjoy it with,” said Milam.
The full list of confirmed riders will be announced in the coming weeks, but the following men and women have already locked in their spots:
  • 2022 Red Bull Heavy Metal winner & Minnesota native Benny Milam
  • 2020 X Games Knuckle Huck winner Zeb Powell
  • 2023 Slush Game of S.N.O.W. winner Grace Warner
  • 2023 Red Bull Heavy Metal Men’s winner Pat Fava
  • 2023 Red Bull Heavy Metal Men’s runner-up & Minnesota native Ryan Paul
  • 2023 Red Bull Heavy Metal Women’s runner-up & Minnesota native Jaylen Hanson
  • 2020 X Games Real Snow bronze medalist Jesse Augustinus
While Red Bull Heavy Metal has previously been an invite-only contest, 2024’s event will mark the first time the competitor’s field has been open to the public with a Last Chance Qualifier being held at Buck Hill in Burnsville, MN on February 9th. More details around this qualifier will be released in January 2024.
The single day contest will take place on Saturday, February 10 at the Minnesota State Capitol Building in Saint Paul, MN. Viewing is free and open to all spectators. Red Bull will also release video content to recap and support the event for those who cannot be in attendance.