Rocky Mountain Iris Pham — Full Part



Iris Pham, hailing from the picturesque Rocky Mountains of Montana, is now blooming in the streets. This is her debut street part, and if you've been following Iris in contests or on the gram, you know it will be good. She spent a chunk of last year traveling around the Midwest in a car full of boys, hitting and conquering technical street spots - kinks, gaps, & smiles included.


Filmed by: Jack Price, Jeremy Emmer, Elijah Vargas, Jack Dery, Dylan Roide, Grant Larson, Conor Carol, Sam Klein, Collin Kidd, Stantech, Ecook , & Emily O'Connor Edited by: Sam Sosnowski

Thank You:

Never Summer - Chris, Jess, Tim, Tracy
Fix Bindings- Jason Bronz
DC Shoes - likka &Teng
World Boards - Jay Moore
Connoissuer - Angela & Benji
Crab Grab - AK, Preston, Dawn
Soy Sauce Nation - Nirvana Ortanez, Max Tokunaga
My family - Mom, Dad, Bentley

From Iris Pham <3:
This is my first street snowboarding video. I went on a 2 week trip to Minnesota with Entourage, a crew made up of skier boys from Montana. I'd grown up following most of them around at Bridger Bowl and Big Sky. We hit spots in Minneapolis and Duluth. We were all kind of learning together, they had done this more than me so of course I'm learning the most but it wasn't always easy. People don't always agree, there's 8 boys who all want clips, things don't always go as planned. We managed to film all the street clips that were in their video on this one trip. The boys always point out spots that I could hit since I snowboard, it's funny. Ultimately I am so grateful for them, always believing in me and pushing me to be my best. They make sure I am comfortable and having fun and we have created some really amazing friendships that I will never forget.

A few weeks later I flew into Wisconsin and filmed with Sam Klein, Emily Oconnor, and Conor Carol. We stayed at Sam's family's house and had a charcuterie board pretty much every night. They have a sauna in the backyard and a horse trough filled with ice water and the top layer would freeze so Sam would wack it with an axe. That's what kept me going on this trip, so revitalizing. I learned a lot from filming with snowboarders. Mark Clavin came out to get some photos, day one of him being there every single one of us got a clip and we were done at like 5pm, such a good day!!! I'm really grateful to have been invited to snowboard with this crew, they taught me a lot and treat me like family, it feels good.

I want to say thank you to Collin Kidd and Family for housing us in Minnesota, the Klein Family for housing me in Wisconsin and making sure we were eating the best I ever have. Thank you to the Faure Family for always caring for me. Thank you to my family, my mom for always cheering me on and reminding me that having fun is the most important part of this. My little brother for pushing me to be better and reminding me to not worry. And my Dad, for getting me on a snowboard and helping me learn everything I know now. I'd never be here if it weren't for everyone believing so much in me, so thank you, this is just a start 🦋