// p: Bob Plumb

Name: Sam Taxwood
Home Resort: Snowbird, UT
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Rockstar, Dakine, Nitro, Vans, Electric, Autumn, Skullcandy

Sam Taxwood has gotta be one of our favorite snowboarders. He’s the people’s champ. The hardworking salt-of-the-earth individual that the industry at large sees as a snowboarder’s snowboarder. Ask the Dustbox and they’ll tell you Stax is GOAT. Ask any number of top pros and they are more than familiar with his work on a board. As he finds himself smack dab in the middle of filming for a two-year project, we caught up with Sam on all things from Salt Lake preferences, to favorite Krugmire moments.
—Stan Levielle 

Current favorite bar in SLC?
Twilite, duh.

Worst part about bike shorts?
The tan line.

Furthest bike ride you’ve ever done?
A little over 100 miles in a day, but Desiree
[Melancon] and I rode from Portland to LA and that was the longest overall.

Best Salt Lake City band in your opinion?
hi again. 

 Stax shows off his pro model at World Quarters. Mammoth, CA. // p: Andrew Miller

Backside or frontside?
I’m better at frontside I guess but either one is great :).

Hardest rail trick in your opinion?
Any rendition of the backside or switch
backside spin on.

Something about your Team Manager Knut that he’d rather not have us print?
You could land a plane on his forehead ;).

Two year projects—hot or not?

Have to run one for the rest of time—mammy swag or goggles in the streets—which one do you choose?
Mammy swag of course. 

Who would win in a fight—Nik Baden or Jared Elston?
This is tuff. Probably Nik, but I feel like Jared wouldn’t take no for an answer. So maybe a draw. 

Best advice you’ve gotten from Jake Price?
Throttle is your friend. 

Is the BeReal app the future?
What is the BeReal app?

Favorite memory from the DC house at the World Quarters this year?
Probably a better question to ask Scott Blum.

Something you think people should never forget?
Jacob Krugmire’s performance at the K2 pool party last year in New York! 

If you could choose an entrance song that played every time Griffin Siebert entered a room what would it be?
Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.

Last thing you spent money on in New Zealand?
Speights Beer.