From out Autsrian friends: 


Schnitzel Time”, there is probably no more suitable name for a snowboard film with purely Austrian participation and the goal to film as much content as possible on Austrian soil. Pro-rider and filmmaker Clemens Millauer acts as director and producer of the film, starring Olympic Champion Anna Gasser, Zillertal’s Werni Stock and Tom Tramnitz, Snowboard brand owner Gigi Rüf, Innsbruck style-icon Sani Alibabic and Carinthian Adrian Krainer. The short film is celebrating its world premiere now in October.
It all started last fall in the T-Bar on Stubai Glacier. Clemens and Werni Stock had the idea of bringing together some of the household names of the Austrian snowboard scene to create a movie. The two of them and the rest of the crew threw ideas at each other all day long and in the gondola ride down Anna came up with the name for the project which was born that day: A movie to showcase the various aspects of snowboarding each of the characters is into, with a fun and appealing approach, paired with best action of each rider. The film introduces the individual personalities with humorous lifestyle shots, coupled with progressive riding in the backcountry, in the park, but also in urban environment. The short film (30 minutes) surely provides best entertainment for every winter sport fan!
Clemens Millauer states: “Schnitzel Time! Me and my Austrian snowboard fellas did a movie! At first, we didn’t really have a plan or concept for the project. The daily drive to just go out and snowboard took us from one spot to the other and the stack of shots got bigger by the day. To add some extra flavor to it all, we did a montage for the intros which gives the viewer some insights of our personal fears and nightmares in an amusing way. Looking at the final version now, I’m very excited to present Austria’s finest snowboarding soon.”
WORLD PREMIERE - The premiere of “Schnitzel Time” takes place on October 6th during the Hintertux Park Opening with the cast onsite to present their latest project. From November onwards, the film will be available for everyone to watch for free on YouTube.