Shaper Summit at Jackson Hole — Featured Board Review Videos


I started the ShaperSummit 10 years ago with a dream to create an event where the industry's shapers and designers could come together with some ripping Jackson Hole locals to ride and test each-others boards, talk about how to improve and innovate them and inspire each other without the usual sales-centric vibe of a tradeshow. New shapers and smaller brands could go toe to toe with the big guys, friendships would be formed on chairlifts, and the culture of snowboarding would be celebrated and enhanced.

I am most proud of seeing the true friendships built between people from different brands throughout the snowboarding industry that started at the ShaperSummit. I love seeing everyone united around their love for snowboarding!

At the event this past spring I asked the shapers and brand reps to pick their favorite board from their new line up  Scroll through and see what boards inspire you to ride next season.- Rob Kingwill

Event supported by and all boards tested at Jackson Hole!