Hello everyone!

Tre Squad here to give you guys a full breakdown on the Shorts & Shades situation.

Yes, the rumors are true…
After a 5 year hiatus, the inevitable return of Shorts & Shades is finally here!  Proud, yet scared to say this..

We said that after S&S 10 we were done making Shorts & Shades videos for good….  We lied.
For the last three years in a row we have been up there at Mt. Bachelor for closing week with our shorts on, camera in hand, quietly stacking clips of all the mayhem.  The fact we were filming was kept a secret from everyone outside of Tre Squad.  This is years of new footage featuring all of your favorite characters / riders of Shorts & Shades.  Almost too much madness stacked up for a simple video.. 
It’s a good thing this is much more than just a simple video.. 

This is Shorts and Shades: Underground

Please join us for the SHORTS & SHADES: UNDERGROUND world premiere at Volcanic Theatre Pub in Bend, OR on December 16th. 
Doors open at 5pm and close at 1am. 
Music by Margaritas Podridas & Tre Squad DJs.

Tickets available here!

Video is ready, world premiere dates are locked in, now all we can do is wait..

Since we have to wait, this is a perfect time to catch up on the history of Shorts & Shades! 

Tre Squad & RJ McNichols present: Shorts & Shades: The Retrospective

Just re-released online and free to view for the first time!  This full length documentary film covers the origin of Tre Squad along with the historic 10 year stretch of Shorts and Shades videos.  Originally released in anticipation of S&S 10, the film goes deep behind the scenes on all of the most insane moments and really captures the true magic that is Shorts & Shades.  Produced ridiculously well, this film is packed with unseen raw footage, the history of closing day traditions, interviews from industry greats, special profiles on Chet & other notable riders, and defiantly the only HD footy from Shorts and Shades you will ever see, it’s all in here! 

Enjoyable to anyone who likes to laugh, made for the true fans as well as the fully uninitiated.
Filmed & Edited by the god damn man, RJ McNichols!

Shorts & Shades 10 in case you need a refresher.

Shorts and Shades 10


Blessings to all you shred freaks <3
See you in Bend on Dec 16th at the premiere,

Peace, Love & Tre Squad.

P.S. Shorts & Shades: Underground online release date is not set yet.  It’s premiere viewing only for now! If yourself, your local shop, or any of your friends have the space and would like host a premiere this winter, reach out to us at @brainbowlsessions on instagram and let’s make it happen.