"SHUTIME"—Shuhei Sato SIMS part release + interview


We are proud to present a brand new part and accompanying Q&A from Shuhei Sato and SIMS Snowboards. Indulge in some SHUTIME.

Where in Japan do you currently live? What is it like to live there?

I live in Hokkaido with two kids and one wife lol. My hometown is in the countryside, so it’s good that time goes by slowly.

Where did you do most of the filming for your new video part?

We filmed mostly in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is cold and gets good snow. I can constantly rely on good snow for shooting.

Is filming in Japan as dreamy as it seems?

Japan was great this year because there was a lot of snow and no visitors.

Is there a location you’d like to travel to to film in the future? What about it makes you want to travel there?

I have never been to Alaska so it’s definitely on my list. If you’re a snowboarder, I think it’s a place you need to hit at least once in your lifetime.

Are there any clips in this new part that are particularly special to you? If so, what makes them special?

Last clip of my part because Kazu filmed it on his iPhone.

Big poke at World Quarters // p: Mike DawsyLet’s talk about the World Quarters at Mammoth - how was your experience there?

As a kid, I used to watch contests and movies where all riders, photographers, filmers, and basically everyone there partied on the deck of halfpipes and quaterpipes. It looked like a big party! This one at Mammoth kind of had the same vibe and it was a blast. I had a lot of fun.

The crowd was so hyped on the way the Japanese riders were throwing down in the quarterpipe - what’s the secret to handling the QP?

Eat sushi and ramen.

You ended up getting injured after a great session. What happened there?

Before I went into trying tricks I was hoping to do, I just wanted to go as big as I can. I went with a good amount of speed, caught someone’s line and got off balance, before I knew it I was in the air. Now I recommend doing tricks you want to do in the beginning haha.

What do you think of visiting California, and the U.S. in general?

A lot of my sponsors and other riders are based in California. I just love spending time and hanging out with them. Beaches are close by, mountains are accessible by car—it’s just awesome.

Obviously Japan and America are very different places - what’s one big difference between Japanese culture and American culture that you always notice when you visit?

The biggest difference is the law on marijuana. It’s a serious crime in Japan when it’s kind of like alcohol in the U.S.

What things outside of snowboarding are you excited about right now?

Fishing, surfing, and drinking. 

What keeps you hyped and motivated to get out and film?

It’s always exciting to ride well in good conditions and get footage out of it.

Raibu and Shuhei double at World Quarters // p: Andrew MillerAny tattoo artists you really like right now?


People try to emulate your style on a snowboard. Who are some riders whose style inspired you?

Kazu, Kohei, Keisuke - they are always next to me and pushing me. Without them, I would not be complete as a snowboarder.

Last words?

BIG thank you to everyone that was involved in my project SHUTIME.