Thin Coverage—Sims "Quasimodo" Premiere

Last week, on December 6th, 2021, The Clubhouse in Salt Lake City was once again the scene for a nice little snowboard party. At this point of our season, it feels like we have a video premiere here every week, and in no way is that depressing. This week, though, was not only the new Sims video "Quasimodo", but also Tom Sims' birthday. Rest in Peace, Tom. The crew honored him by putting on one hell of a show. It started off with a few casual beverages, free pizza from Spedellis and birthday cupcakes. Shortly after, Keegan Valaika and his band got it revved up until the video was ready.
In the last few years, the Sims team has been collecting some of the most raw riders in snowboarding, making this project quickly become one of the most anticipated videos of the year. After two years of filming, the entire team made it to SLC to show it off. This wasn't your typical video that looks like every other one out of 44 videos (and counting) this year..  We can't describe what it is, it just hits different.  Brock Nielson (director of "Brown Cinema", "Bozwreck", and Absinthe Films Lensman Alumni) aka Butters has a real eye for capturing this type of stuff. We won't spoil it for you too much, but let's just say Tom would be proud of this one.  
Here's a couple photos to give you a quick glimpse of the premiere.  The full length vid will be here on Slush on December 17, make sure you check it out! 

The number 1 spot for all the best premieres in Slc.  Shout out to the (C)Lubhouse!  (where's the C???)two sims riders looking mysterious out front before the show - scott and codyCupcakes for Tom Sims' Birthday - Happy B-Day Tom, we think you'd be real proud of this crew

Jeff Holce, snacking before the big show

Recent cover-man Nik Baden and Torment's Ian BollCouple mountain G.o.a.t.s Bjorn Leines, and Blair Habenicht

"We need the Sims team up on the stage" - The Warbles making sure they got Sammy up there

The whole squad we're not here to spoil any footage, but this screen grab should give you a bit of the vibe

One of Canada's finest jibbers, Martyn Vachon and "Quasimodo"s creator, Brock Nielson.  Really nice job, guys

Earlier this year I spelled Dylan Okurowski's name wrong, so figured I'd try again here