Slush Video Magazine—Season 1, EP. 5


Welcome to the finale of our inaugural Slush Video Magazine season! Spicy little holiday surprise here for ya featuring a trip to Moon Park in Innsbruck with Benny Urban, Niels Schack, Sparrow Knox, Kevin Ignacia, Simon Pircher, Sebi Springeth and Johnny O’Connor, a fall fishing expedition in Minnesota with Froni, Andy Latterner and Josh Boeser, and a Pyramid Gap session (yes, the cover session!) with Nik Baden, Jared Elston and friends.

Presented by Ikon, Tactics, 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Ikanik

Shot and edited by Justin Meyer

Additional video by Alex Pfeffer, Ted Borland and Brock Nielson

Art direction by Kyle Sauter

Produced by Pat Bridges