SLUSH Video Magazine—Season 1, Episode 4

  |   Michael Goodwin

Welcome back to SLUSH Video Mag, and our brand new Episode 4. In this episode, Garden State wildcard Reid Smith takes us on a sort of cross country tour, starting at Rose Skatepark in SLC, over to Woodward Copper in Colorado for the SLUSH x Ride week, and then on to his hometown of Chatham, New Jersey and the nearby Big SNOW American Dream dome for the first ever SLUSH Game of S.N.O.W. Grab a pork roll, egg and cheese, start referring to where you live based on the nearest freeway exit, and let one of NJ’s raddest rippers take ya for a spin.

*Best viewed in a roadside diner booth*

Produced and edited by Justin Meyer

Art direction by Kyle Sauter

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