Slush Video Magazine—Season 2, Episode 5


Slush Video Mag hits the Big Apple! Episode 5 features a "Check-In" with Matt Roberge and his online shop, Vintage Sponsor, a Gear Check with Ride videographer Jake Durham and a session at the recently reopened BigSNOW American Dream featuring Johnny O’Connor, Jib Gurl, Ben Bilodeau , Harrison Gordon, Jake Aaronson and Ryan Collins. We’ve also got a special report via Kyle Schwartz from the final Methodology event of the year at Sierra at Tahoe. 

By Justin Meyer and Ted Borland

Shot and edited by Justin Meyer

Art direction by Kyle Sauter

Produced by Pat Bridges

Additional footage by Jake Durham and Kyle Schwartz

Methodology section by Kyle Schwartz

Presented by 10 Barrel Brewing Co. and IKON Pass