The "Rider of the Year" category is designed to celebrate those riders who have truly shone across multiple domains. This includes exceptional performances in footage, substantial media presence, active participation in community initiatives, and/or notable achievements in contests. The distinguished nominees for this category have left an indelible impression in 2023, capturing the industry's attention.


Travis Rice

Travis Rice took the overall champion spot in the 2023 Natural Selection Tour, he snagged a cover on Snowboard Mag, had a feature interview in SLUSH, and showed up big time in "Sequencer" with one of the most prolific backcountry freestyle lines we’ve seen in snowboarding’s history. 



Mikkel Bang

2023 was a standout year for Mikkel. He clinched second in the overall Natural Selection Tour, nailing one of the most stylish tricks seen in the whole series. He also scored a cover on The Snowboarders Journal and his performance In “Casino,” packed with natural hits, rounded out his all-encompassing effect on the industry.



Blake Paul

Blake Paul had a lot of media presence and impressive performances in film. He featured in two major interviews, one with Slush and another with The Snowboarders Journal. Paul graced our cover last January and his standout footage in Brown Cinema's Knights of the Brown Table and Vans' Bless the Ledge highlighted his namesake style. Additionally, Paul made a strong showing in the finals at the Revelstoke stop of the Natural Selection Tour, going head-to-head with Travis Rice. 



Parker Szumowski 

Parker truly dominated the scene in 2023, making waves across the industry in a couple different places. Remarkably, he landed on 4 covers throughout the year, the most of any single rider. He had a major interview in Torment and his notable footage in Brown Cinema's Knights of the Brown Table and Vans' Bless the Ledge highlighted his ATV talent and versatility. Parker wasn't just a presence in the snowboarding world; he was the buzz. 



Jed Anderson

Jed Anderson’s performance this past winter has been prominently showcased in a feature interview in Method Magazine, as well as one of the year's most powerful street parts in the film Rated R. His unparalleled skills have set a high benchmark in street snowboarding. Anderson continues to shine as one of the sport's most thorough practitioners, serving as an inspirational beacon to both current and aspiring snowboarders. 



Zoi Sadowski-Synnott 

Zoi's consistent residence on the podium is the stuff of legends. Highlighted by her gold medal at the World Cup Big Air in Edmonton, gold in slopestyle at X games and her silver at the World Championships slopestyle in Georgia. She also clinched first place in slopestyle at Laax, a silver at the Kreischberg World Cup Big Air, X Games Big Air and secured gold at both Revelstoke and Valdez stops of Natural Selection Tour. Beyond competing, her performance in Burton's The Sun Came Out marked a significant moment in snowboarding history with the first female backcountry 1080. 



Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir

Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir’s outstanding performance in Blooom highlighted her exceptional skills and creativity, reinforcing her status as one of the top contenders in snowboarding. Ylfa's combination of creative riding, contribution to the snowboarding community, and ability to inspire both on and off the slopes make her an exemplary nominee for Snowboarder of the Year. Her prominence in the community was notably recognized with a cover on Slush Volume 3.3  as well as a feature interview in Torment Magazine. Ylfa also demonstrated leadership by creating the S.N.U.S. event alongside Maria Thomsen, a platform that showcases and celebrates the talents of Scandinavian snowboarders.


Jill Perkins

Perkins delivers one of the most commanding performances of her career in Rated R. She showcases an array of high-caliber tricks: from hard-hitting 270s to front board sameways, precise fast presses, smooth switch lips, and robust frontboards navigating kinks. Her segment also features an incredibly impressive 5050 on a challenging rail. This part solidifies her status as one of the most consistently prominent street snowboarders in the sport.



Anna Gasser 

Anna Gasser showed a different side than contest riding with street and jump footage in Schnitzel Time, but of course still had some strong results in competitions. Getting a bronze at the Edmonton Big Air and a gold at the Beijing World Cup Big Air. Other podiums include a third-place finish in slopestyle at the Silvaplana World Cup, a gold at the Bakuriani World Championships, a bronze in Laax Open Slopestyle, and another gold at the Kreischberg Big Air World Cup. 


Elena Hight 

Elena Hight's achievements in the Natural Selection Tour are particularly noteworthy, securing second place in both Valdez and Revelstoke. These results continue to demonstrate her consistency in high-stakes backcountry competition but also her ability to excel in some of the most challenging conditions in professional snowboarding. Additionally, her footage in Continuum and Flying High Again further cements her status as a top-tier backcountry rider. Elena showcased her exceptional ability to navigate avalanche terrain, displaying the composure of a true professional. 


Kokomo Murase

Kokomo Murase Notably became the first woman to land a backside 1440, a trick that led her to a gold medal at the World Cup Big Air in Copper, followed by another gold at the Chur World Cup Big Air. Additionally, she secured a bronze at the Kreischberg World Cup Big Air, and a Bronze at X Games Slopestyle. When it comes the riders that are pushing snowboarding in a stylish direction, Kokomo is at the forefront.