5 star team at Mammoth Mtn Bum Rush // p: Nick Green

You may have noticed in the latest Bum Rush, the Sun Bum family got bigger. The already fun and impressive roster just got bigger with the additions of Blake Paul, Jed Anderson, Lenny Mazzotti, Patti Zhou, and Parker Zumowski. We conducted little sunshiney Q&A so we can get to know them better off their board: 
What is your favorite thing about being a professional snowboarder?
Lenny: I’m still here, I’m still learning and I’m enjoying the hell out of it everyday!
Parker: Spending ample time outdoors, no matter the weather.
Jed: Travelling and spending time with my friends
Patti: Riding with awesome people
Blake: Freedom in the Summer... haha no using a snowboard as a tool to travel the world, create lifelong friendships/memories, and experience the the fruits of life in general. I feel fortunate to that one of my passions is somehow a career.

Friends & fam // p: Nick Green

What is your favorite thing about riding for Sun Bum? 
Lenny: Everyone behind the scenes, Incredible people awesome to be around! Love being apart of it and also knowing what they believe in as a company and it’s all love
Parker: Sunscreen is essential for my survival
Jed: The product, the people, and their authenticity
Patti: I feel sunny and happy
Blake: I look up to everyone on the team, they are my friends. Stealing the office surfboards, and keeping myself, my family, and peers protected from the UV rays.

Patti with sunny bling // p: Nick Green

It's a perfect slushy & sunny park day, who are you riding with? 
Lenny:  Benny Milam, Kody Williams, and Nixon Johnson
Parker: Nik Baden 
Jed: Damn. Obviously the my homies on sunbum, but ideally I would be at some sort of event where all my friends from all over are taking laps together.
Patti: My sister and my amigos.
Blake: My @lampshade.brotha fam Nik Baden and Parker Szumowski. Mike Bogs and the rest of the SLC crew I grew up with. Mikey Leblanc too. 

Pipe laps with Jed // p: Nick Green

It's a beautiful beach day and you just surfed all day; what food are you craving to hit after? 
Lenny: Be looking for the best fish in town 
Parker: A hearty burrito or fish tacos 
Jed: Mexican or Thai 
Patti: Ice cream
Blake: Fish tacos and maybe a pina colada 

Worst sunburn you ever have gotten? 
Lenny: Before the mask, and knowing basic physics that snow reflects UV radiation I decided to ride all day at Bear Mountain,  no sunscreen.  I had blisters, I was so red and it was so bad it even made me sick. The goggle tan for the rest of the year was my Scarlet letter and I learned my lesson. So always remember to protect yourself, it's no joke! 
Parker: Maybe the first time I rode at Mammoth got sun blisters in between my goggles and neck warmer after a hot sunny spring day
Jed: I remember one of the hottest days of summer when I was probably 14. Skated outside all day shirtless and my whole body was peeling. That was for sure the worst 
Patti: My google tan
Blake: Hawaii family trip circa 2008 my whole back torched. 

Parker trusts the bum // p: Nick Green

If you were to describe your natural scent what would it be? 
Lenny: Sun bum, I use all their products, not just the screen! 
Parker: Mmm I wouldn't know. 
Jed: Human 
Patti: Sun bum scent
Blake: Maybe banana after a Sunbum fresh shamp and condish 

Blake smiles because he finally smells good // p: Nick Green

6+ hours into a road trip, losing steam, what song are you putting on? 
Lenny: Star Talk podcast with Dr. Neil Degrass Tyson, I even snowboard to it!
Parker: Arkham - better than me
Jed: Dap you up - speaker knockerz
Patti: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
Blake: Hows It Going To Be - Third Eye Blind 

A positive affirmation you say to yourself before doing something challenging? 
Lenny: The challenge is how you learn, and failing doubly so! Embrace it. 
Parker: Visualize it. A couple of deep breaths. Then I say, I have already done this. It's easy. 
Jed: You got this
Patti: Just go for it
Blake: Do it for the people that can't - Bogs