For most riders Kevin Jones is a snowboarding god who needs no introduction. Yet that acclaim and notoriety, a coveted blessing for many, became a curse for Kevin.  For a 10 year stretch beginning in the mid 90’s Kevin Jones held a rarified place amongst pro-riders, winning virtually every contest he entered as well as 3 Snowboarder Magazine Rider Of The Year acknowledgements from his peers. As the successes accumulated so did the stresses and before long Kevin wasn’t just a pro but he was also a persona, a self-created caricature conjured to deal with the ever accumulating social anxieties that came with stardom. The humble Norcal native who perfected the art of spinning off of the toes, a rider who could strap in and stack clips on 100’ kickers, steep chutes or thirty stair street rails, couldn’t escape the spotlight enough to enjoy the simple joys of just snowboarding. In turn Kevin hit pause on being a pro, ironically to rekindle his love of riding.

Kyle Schwartz is the auteur behind the Great Digression series. Conceived and produced by Kyle each Great Digression takes a deep dive into the psyche of one of our sports most influential icons. Kyle's approach is both candid and inquisitive and the result is a wide pan of a person who is much more than simply the pro that fans put up on a pedestal. The latest installment of Kyle's passion project focuses on Kevin Jones as he opens up about his journey to contentment, with a few lighthearted anecdotes along the way, as he explores the alpine of the Sierra’s.