The RIP OFF SESSION by Sven Thorgren




From the Method Desk:

19th-21st of April, Sven Thorgren brought some of the world's best riders to his home resort in Kläppen Sweden and created a big air + hip session, the same format as Oxborn Session used to do back in the days in Sweden including fireworks, light show, music in front of a big crowd of people. Hopefully many more years to come!

Featuring: Sven Thorgren, Stale Sandbech, Torgeir Bergrem, Sage Kotsenburg, Annika Morgan, Cocomo Murase, Judd Henkes, Oyvind Kirkhus, Vlad Khadarin, Mons Roisland, Myiabi Onitsuka, Tova Nejne, Novalie Engholm, Patrick Hoffman, Dusty Henricksen, Taiga Hasegawa, and Mason Lemery

Filmed by: Mr. Skin, Kuske, Jerm Worldwide, Petter Ulsletten, Martin Jacobson, Dave Eighteen, and Stale Sandbech

Edit by: Kuske

Thumbnail photo by: Alex Roberts - Torgeir