In anticipation for upcoming Uninvited Invitational we are featuring riders from the past movies. The first conversation is with Kennedi Deck - opener in first The Uninvited. A few pro models, covers, and video parts later, Kennedi looks back on the impact and importance of Jess and The Uninvited platform. 

How did you get "discovered" by Jess for The Uninvited films?
I sent Jess a  DM on Instagram with a link to my footage and was like hey I would love to be a part of the project if possible. Next thing I knew I got a DM back being like hey do you want to come to Quebec and join the tail end of our trip. I flew out that night to meet up haha.
Why did you want to be a part of The Uninvited?
At the time it was the newest resurgence of an all women's influenced project. Obviously there had been videos before and sort of going on at the same time but it seemed like there was a big push with this crew about making something really influential. You could tell right away it was going to be something really important. It felt like a perfect fit for me and would be a huge opportunity to be able to reach a wider audience. It was a no brainer for me to shoot my shot and hope to be able to get involved.
What opportunities came from your video part in The Uninvited? 
I owe a lot to the Uninvited and Jess specifically. I believe the project really helped catapult me into the industry. Just being able to reach people who I wouldn't have been able to at the time went a long way. Having a platform like that to do my best was huge
Standout memory from filming for and with The Uninvited? Or any funny stories?
The worst memory was definitely getting jumped at the bar in Whistler on the  premiere tour. But to make up for it Alexa (Mcartney) and Jess went back into the bar and made things right on my behalf haha I’ll never forget that. Even better is all of the collective memories from the first trip to Quebec City and eating celebration cookies, filling up like 15 old windshield washer fluid containers with water every morning, and hanging out in the stinky ass air bnb hahaha.
Can you name a few major projects you have been a part of since?



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