Another week close to The Uninvited Invitational 2024 and another conversation with an The Uninvited Alumni! This week we chatted with Miyon Yamaguchi.

How did you get "discovered" by Jess for The Uninvited films?
I first met Jess when I went to Mt. Hood and I showed her my street footage! It was the year that the Uninvited project was about to start, and I was invited to participate.


Why did you want to be a part of The Uninvited?
Up until then, I had been shooting street with my Japanese friends for many years, but women's street snowboarding had not received much attention, and I was debating whether or not I should continue my activities. That's when Jess approached me, and I was so excited when I thought I'd be able to appear in a video with Yabai girls from all over the world!!!


What opportunities came from your video part in The Uninvited? 
It was a turning point in my snowboarding life. I felt that I was noticed and recognized by many people. I received many words of encouragement and felt a strong sense of gratitude.





Standout memory from filming for and with The Uninvited? Or any funny stories?
I remember well the day before at a party where we drank all night until morning, and without getting any sleep, I went straight to a street spot, I did, and I want to praise myself for that. good night

 Can you name a few major projects you have been a part of since?
I am continuing my activities with the Japanese street crew Dirty Pimp. Now that I have given birth, my main activity is raising my 2-year-old daughter!




What's next for you, anything big on the horizon?
Snowboarding with my daughter :D

 Stand out Uninvited rider in your opinion
Maria Thomsen, Jess Kimura, Himari Takamori

What is your dream project, sponsor, event or opportunity to be a part of?There are various things, but my biggest dream is.. I want to create the best indoor snowboarding area in Japan.


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