The Uninvited Invitational 2024 Recap Video




Going in, everyone knew it was going to be hard to match the intensity of year one, but this was no sophomore slump. The Uninvited Invitational year two went off and the ladies went off with it. Congratulations to everyone who showed up and threw down and a big special thank you to Jess Kimura for creating such a welcoming space.

First: Telma Särkipaju

Second: Iris Pham

Third: Jess Perlmutter

Fourth: Grace Warner

Fifth: Livia Tannò


Best Air: Emma Crosby

Best Bail: Jaylin Hanson

Best Style: Momo Fujikawa

Best Trick: Anika Morgan

Unleash The Beast: Nora Beck

Most Heart: Madison Blackley

One To Watch: Jubes Pelchat

Most Creative: Naima Antolin

Subaru Rookie 1: Jess Perlmutter

Subaru Rookie 2: Ellie Weiler

Baldface Trip: Novalie Engholm


Thank you: The North Face, Woodward Park City, Monster Energy, Yeti, Subaru USA, Union Bindings, Capita Snowboards, Skullcandy, Nidecker Snowboards, Baldface Lodge, Coal, and Fat Tire

Film: Justin Meyer and Mia Lambson

Edit: Justin Meyer